Krissy: Strong Home

Strong Home will help you to progress on your fitness journey, with a focus on hypertrophy it will give you results you would achieve at the gym, but from the comfort of your own home. It will help you build consistency, confidence and strength, so get ready to do this for you!

Why has the Home program changed to Strong Home?

We’ve listened to the community feedback as well as reviewed the previous Home program to be able to provide you the ultimate home plan, based on Krissy’s signature Strong! 

Strong Home is now an 18 week program ranging from beginner to expert. The program focuses on hypertrophy, so you can build strength each week, even if you have minimal equipment.

What are the levels and workout split?

Strong Home welcomes all levels, from beginner through to expert! 

  • Beginner is 2 weeks of three 30-40 minute workouts a week, consisting of Lower Body, Upper Body & Full Body! 
  • Intermediate is 4 weeks of four 40-45 minute workouts a week, consisting of Glutes & Abs, All Areas Upper Body, Legs & Core and an optional Full Body). 
  • Advanced is 5 weeks of four 45-50 minute workouts a week, consisting of Lower & Cardio, Upper & Core, Lower Strength and Upper Strength. This level also includes a deload week!
  • Expert is 6 weeks of five 55-60 minute workouts a week, consisting of Glutes & Hammies, Back, Biceps & Core, Quads & Abs, Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and an optional Full Body Conditioning. This level also includes a deload week!
What equipment do I need?
Strong Home uses minimal equipment! You’ll just need dumbbells, a bench/chair and your favourite EvolveYou resistance bands! 
Who is this program designed for?
Strong Home is designed for those looking to build strength from the comfort of their home with minimal equipment. The program will give you the structure you need to achieve your goals, with workouts that fit around you and your schedule!
Have I lost my progress from the previous Home Program?
No, all stars and workouts complete will still be saved as well as the weights previously tracked on the same exercises.

I’ve changed to the new Strong Home program but I want the old Home program back - how do I do this?

To ensure that we’re offering the best programs to you, once you have changed your program to the Strong Home program you will no longer be able to view the previous Home program.
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