Introducing The EvolveYou Academy

What is the EvolveYou Academy?

The EvolveYou Academy is a very special 3-month immersive training program that will give 10 community members a special EvolveYou experience aimed to help them become stronger, more confident and achieve their fitness goals.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.


What’s included in the academy program?

Academy members will be given monthly in-person training sessions at an exclusive London gym with one of their favourite trainers and the EvolveYou team, as well as weekly support sessions from our in-house clinic and bespoke, educational fitness and nutritional content. 


Alongside this, our members will have their gym membership paid for them throughout the 3 months, as well as a whole host of goodies to elevate their fitness experience!

How do I join the EvolveYou Academy?

To be in the chance of joining the EvolveYou Academy, you must complete the application form in the app, be over the age of 18 and live in the UK. 

Please note, travel into London will be required once per month.

When will I be able to apply?
The application form will be available to complete in the app on Monday 14th November at 5PM GMT. Applications will close on Sunday 20th November 2022 at 23.59 GMT. 
Where do I find and complete the form?
To apply, simply head to your app and click  the “EvolveYou Academy” banner on your dashboard, this will direct you to the online form.
Do I have to pay to be part of the academy?
No you will not need to pay to join the academy, however you will need an active subscription to sign-up through the app. 
Do I need to have access to a Gym?

Yes, this is a gym based program and you will need to complete 3 workouts per week from either Krissy’s, Danyele’s or Melissa’s programs. 


But don’t worry, we’ll help with the cost of your membership for the duration of the academy program! 

I’m new to working out, can I still sign up?
Yes! The EvolveYou Academy is open to everyone, at any stage in their fitness journey.
How will I hear if I have been successful?
You will be contacted via email on 23rd November 2022 by the EvolveYou team. 
Is there an age restriction? 
For safety reasons, the EvolveYou Academy is for ages 18+ only. Please see the terms and conditions here for more information.
I have a chronic illness/condition/injury, will I still be able to take part? 
If you have one of the above, you will need to have a sign-off from a medical professional that you are able to participate in physical activity. 
Where will I have to travel to?
You will have to be able to travel to London once per month for the in-person training sessions.
Will my travel expenses be covered?
To ensure you can attend the in-person sessions, we’ll contribute towards your travel expenses for your visits to London.
How long will the in-person sessions be?
The sessions will be 2.5 hours long consisting of a check-in, workout and check-out. 
What time will the in-person sessions take place at?
All sessions will run during the weekend between the hours of 2:30PM-5PM.
Why is this limited to 10 community members?
Whilst we’d love to have more community members, we want to make this experience bespoke to allow members to achieve their full potential. 
Will there be more opportunities to join the academy in the future?
Definitely! Keep your eyes peeled on our socials to be first to hear when we open for applications again.
Is this open to applicants internationally?
The EvolveYou Academy is only open to applicants based in the UK due to regular travel to London. We’d love to be able to bring it to other locations in future! 
Can I apply more than once to increase my chances?
No, you are only able to submit the application form once.
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