Melissa: Commit Express

Based on Melissa’s signature Commit program, you’ll enjoy 8 weeks of up to 3 full body workouts designed to help you increase your functional strength and conditioning. Perfect to pair with other styles of training or to complete on its own, this 8 week express program promises to deliver great results in a shorter amount of time. 

So if you’re looking for an effective and efficient program, then Commit Express is a program you definitely don’t want to miss.

Who is this program designed for? 

Anyone who is looking to increase their strength and athleticism in just 30 minutes!

It’s also a great program to be paired throughout the week with running, cross training, biking and more. 

What levels are available?
The program level is Intermediate but it can be adjusted to suit all abilities. It includes all your favourite signature moves!
Why is there no beginner or advanced level?

Commit Express was designed to provide short effective workouts that can seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. The program uses foundational exercises which allows you to decide what weight is challenging, and increase or decrease as necessary.


If you are after an advanced program, we’d recommend Commit Gym Advanced which will offer a split routine.

What is the workout split?
2 day with an optional 3rd of full body workouts, including Full Body Strength & Stamina, Full Body Performance and Conditioning & Core!
How long are the workouts?
All of the workouts have been designed to be completed in 30 minutes.
What equipment do I need?
Minimal equipment is required but it is recommended to be completed in the gym as you’ll need access to a barbell, a cable machine, a lat pulldown machine and a medicine ball. 
Can the program be completed at home?
The program can be completed at home by switching the exercises to the in-app alternatives based on the equipment you have available.
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