I want you to delete all of my data - GDPR Deletion Request


No longer want to use the EvolveYou app and want to delete all data associated with the account?

To ensure that we have the correct details we will need to verify your email address against the system before we begin the deletion process. 

Please note: Once the deletion request has been completed we are unable to redeem your data and all progress will be lost. 

What will happen once I submit the request for my data to be deleted?

  •  We'll confirm that we've received your request
  • Your EvolveYou account via the app and website will be deleted. (You will need to delete the app from your device afterwards)
  • If you are subscribed via the App Store or Google Play you will need to ensure your subscription is cancelled via your device subscription settings.

Still want to go ahead? Please click the box here to begin the verification process.


Delete my account 












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