Emily: Energy Glutes & Abs

Introducing Emily’s fiery new Glutes & Abs program! If you’re wanting to build a strong lower body and abs of steel then get excited as this low-impact program combines fun, energising and impactful exercises to help you awaken your abs, strengthen your glutes and remind you that movement is empowering.

Energy Glutes & Abs is a fun yet challenging Barre program with a 360 approach to target your glutes & abs. Emily has designed this program to help you feel energised, strong and powerful whilst pushing through the burn to reach new levels.

Please note: Emily’s guide videos are available to stream only as they require an active internet connection to play.

How long is the program?
Energy Glutes & Abs is a 6 week program with 3 high intensity workouts per week. 
What do the workouts look like? How long are they?
Each workout is up to 30 minutes long so this is a perfect program if you are short on time. They are made up of sequences and series rather than sets and reps and throughout this program Emily encourages you to move to the beat and have fun with your workouts.
What levels are available?
Energy Glutes & Abs is an open level program suitable for anyone looking to have fun with barre whilst also challenging themselves. You do not have to have completed Emily’s 12 week Energy program.
How do I know if this is the right program for me?
If you’re ready to improve your balance, perfect your posture and focus on your glutes and abs, then this is the program for you. Whether you have already completed Emily’s Energy program or are simply looking to switch up your routine with some spicy workouts, Energy Glutes & Abs will get you working muscles you didn’t even know existed!
Can I do Energy Glutes & Abs alongside another program?
Energy Glutes & Abs can be completed as a stand alone program or you can complete it alongside any of our other incredible workouts within the app.

As with all of our existing trainer’s you will need to choose your main trainer to complete your program with and then you can add on any other workouts you wish to complete by heading to the explore section of the app. You will also continue to receive stars as normal.
What is the structure of the program?

With workouts such as Baby Got Back and Abs Awaken this program is all about having fun and enjoying the process.

Week 1 - Working on Barre foundations and signature moves. It will be challenging from the get go! Remember to engage your core.

Week 2 - Week 2 is all about endurance. It’s higher intensity with longer series and is spicier mentally and physically. You are stronger than you think.

Week 3 - More resistance, more weights and new exercise combos. There is a real focus on the gluteus maximus to build power, strength and posture.

Week 4 - This week is all about the obliques and gluteus medius. Emily also introduces you to using a block!

Week 5 - Week 5 is all about challenging your limits! We revisit foundational moves from week 1 - this is a great chance to see how much you’ve progressed and to challenge yourself even more.

Week 6 - The final week. This is your moment to feel powerful! Look at how far you’ve come over the past 6 weeks and be proud of yourself for staying committed.

What equipment do I need? 

This program requires minimal equipment and can be easily modified with what you have available. The suggested equipment you will need is:

  • A mat or towel
  • A chair
  • A set of light dumbbells
  • A yoga block
How do I view what exercises are in this program?

The flow for Emily’s workouts  now includes a breakdown of what the class will include in the description of the workout. 

If you’re looking to view the exact exercises  you can do this by holding and swiping through the timeline for each workout.

How do I view alternatives in Emily’s program?
Due to the way that Emily’s guide has been designed it doesn’t offer swipeable alternatives however whilst working out Emily will be talking you through all exercises and giving alternatives where needed. Go at your own pace and do your best!
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