Danyele: Power Strength

Everything you need to know about Danyele's Power Strength Program...

Power Strength is designed for you to level up by increasing your strength and enhancing your performance. Expect to smash your PB’s as you perfect your lifts, up your speed and boost your stamina! 

This program starts and ends with a benchmark test so that you can understand how your strength and performance have improved. During your testing days, you will complete a 3 rep max which will then calculate your 1 rep max. This will be used throughout the program to determine your rate of perceived exertion (RPE) to help improve your performance.

How long is the program?
Power Strength is 8 weeks long for both levels consisting of 4 workouts per week. 
What levels are available?

The program is available in Intermediate & Advanced.

Intermediate will focus on a 3 rep max with the key movements including shoulder press, sumo deadlift, lat pulldown and barbell squat.

Advanced will focus on a 2 rep max with the key movements including bench press, sumo deadlift, lat pulldown and barbell squat. Advanced also includes more isometric holds, unilateral movements and time under tension movements to really challenge you.

How do I know if this is the right program for me?
Looking for a new strength training program to push you to your limits and you want to learn new styles of training? This is the perfect program for you!
How is this different from Power Gym?
Strength Power has a shorter format with a progressive performance element. It is the perfect challenge to get stronger before you go back to your gym program or try something else! 
What do the workouts look like? How long are they?
Each workout is between 45-60 minutes consisting of a warm up, main lifts, strength circuits and an optional finisher. 
What is the structure of the program?
In weeks 1 and 8 you will be testing your key push and pull movements in the benchmark workouts. Weeks 2-7 will focus on muscular endurance, hypertrophy and max strength workouts.
How do I know which level is right for me?

We’d recommend intermediate for those who are experienced and confident in the gym. For example, if you’re on Krissy’s advanced Strong program or Danyele’s intermediate Power Gym Program, we would recommend starting with Intermediate.

Advanced would be suitable for those who have completed Krissy’s expert Strong program or those involved in competitive sports.

What equipment do I need? 
This is a gym based program that involves equipment such as leg press, lat pull down machine, a barbell, bench and dumbbells. 
Can I do this program at home?
Whilst exercises can be modified for at home alternatives, it’s recommended that the program is completed in the gym for optimal results.
Where do I track my weights?
Weights can be entered by clicking on the dumbbell icon in your rest periods between sets. At the end of all of the exercise sets, you’ll be able to input the weight here too.
How do I see my previously tracked weights?
When you're in the workout on the overview page, if you click on a specific exercise and swipe right, a dumbbell icon will appear in blue, click on this and you will see your saved weights history for that exercise. 
What is my RPE?

You’ll be given a number from the RPE scale for each exercise. The RPE scale (rate of perceived exertion) is a personalised way of measuring the intensity of your lifts by tuning into your body. Your RPE is based on how hard you feel like your body is working, considering physical sensations such as increased heart rate, breathing rate, sweating, and muscle fatigue. 

  • 1 | Very Light - Hardly any exertion, but more than sleeping/watching TV
  • 2-4  | Light - Feels like you can maintain this level of exertion for hours. Easy to breathe and easy to hold a conversation. Good for mobility, recovery and form emphasis.
  • 5-6| Moderate - A weight used for deload, speed work and hypertrophy. It’s a weight you can move quickly, withhold a short conversation, leaving you with 4-5 reps left in the tank.
  • 7| Moderately Hard - Moderately challenging here, hard to have a conversation. 3 reps left in the tank. 
  • 8| Hard - Uncomfortable, very short of breath, hard to hold a conversation. 2 reps left in the tank.
  • 9| Vigorously Hard - Very uncomfortable, you can only speak a few words. There’s 1 rep left in the tank, but you’ll have to grind and push hard to get it.
  • 10| Max - This is your max effort, you’ll need all your energy to get this. Maintained for a very short amount of time. No reps left in the tank once you’ve finished.

It’s important that you take into account how you’re feeling as a whole, instead of focusing on one particular aspect. Remember your body isn’t a machine, it’s a beautiful complex system that is able to push harder on some days than others. So tune into your body and assess how hard you’re working using this RPE scale to help you scale back or push through your lifts.

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