Jen: 10 Day Reset Yoga Challenge

See positive changes in both your mind and body with Jen’s 10 day Yoga challenge! 

What is the Reset Yoga Challenge?
Consisting of 10 days of full body themed flows, Jen’s aim is that through this challenge you will feel calmer and nourish your body, as well as becoming stronger, improving balance and becoming more flexible.
How long are the classes?
The classes last between 20-25 minutes and require minimal equipment. They can be done anywhere at any time, perfect to fit around your schedule.
Who is the challenge for?
Jen’s yoga flows are for anyone and everyone, you don’t need to be experienced with yoga to get involved.
Do I need any Yoga accessories to complete the challenge?
The classes can be done with minimal equipment - all that’s needed is a mat and two optional yoga blocks.
Can I do the challenge alongside my current program?
Yes absolutely, this challenge was designed to go alongside and compliment one of our strength based programs.
Where can I locate and join the challenge?
  • Go to your dashboard and select ‘My Challenges’ 
  • Select ‘Let’s go’ or ‘Change challenge’
  • Swipe to find the challenge
  • Preview and select the challenge
  • Join the challenge & choose your start date
  • Select to pause your current program or continue with your program
Will I get stars as part of this challenge?

The aim of the challenge is to relax your mind and energise your body, whilst strengthening your yoga practice! Stars can be earned through your program workouts. 

What if I want to do the challenge separately to my current program?
If you don’t want to complete the challenge alongside your program, you can select the option to pause your current program when assigning it.
Can I do this challenge alongside another challenge?
As with all of our existing challenges, you will only be able to be assigned to one at a time. You can add on any other workouts you wish to complete by heading to the explore section of the app.
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