Abs Evolution & Ultimate Abs Challenges

See here everything you need to know about Abs Evolution and Ultimate Abs...

How do these challenges work?
Krissy’s Abs Evolution and Melissa’s Ultimate Abs challenges are 3 weeks long and designed to shape and strengthen your abs and core. You’ll target different areas in under 10 mins with 4-5 weekly workouts, each designed to help you accelerate your progress and maximise your results!
Who are these challenges for?
These challenges are specifically designed as the perfect program finisher or a way to strengthen your abs and have fun along the way! Krissy and Melissa have included your favourite core exercises in a fun and energising way! You’ll just need to select to continue your program when adding the challenge.
What levels are the challenges?

Krissy’s Abs Evolution: Intermediate 

Melissa’s Ultimate Abs: Intermediate

What’s the difference between Krissy’s Abs Evolution and Melissa’s Ultimate Abs?

Krissy combines effective core exercises in circuits, supersets and TABATA style workouts. Expect spicy sessions that challenge your mind and muscles with dynamic and explosive moves.

Melissa will increase your core strength and stability. Expect short and effective workouts which can be done anytime anywhere! Designed for you to build strength and improve your functional movement.

What equipment do I need?
The workouts can be done with minimal equipment - all that’s needed are dumbbells and a mat! 
Where can I locate and join the challenge?
  • Go to your dashboard and select ‘My Challenges’ 
  • Select ‘Let’s go’ or ‘Change challenge’
  • Swipe to find the challenge
  • Preview and select the challenge
  • Join the challenge & choose your start date
  • Select to pause your current program or continue with your program
Will I get stars as part of this challenge?

The aim of the challenge is to push yourself and add the workouts onto your program as the ultimate finisher! Stars can be earned through your program workouts. 

What if I want to do the challenge separately to my current program?
If you don’t want to complete the challenge alongside your current program, you can select the option to either pause or continue your program when selecting it.
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