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Saman, based in Canada is bringing her own HIIT and strength training program to the EvolveYou app! 

Whilst having a strong passion for fitness Saman began to record her fitness journey and joined the gym at 37 after having her third child. Due to her love of being a part of someone's journey towards living a healthier lifestyle and making positive changes, Saman pointed her career towards becoming a fitness trainer. 

To Saman, there is no greater feeling than being able to help and guide someone to achieving their goals and being the best version of themselves.


What style of workouts are in Saman’s program?
Focus is our very first dedicated HIIT program! Expect short and effective full body circuits to help you gain strength, increase your fitness and move with confidence. 
Who is Focus designed for?

Focus aims to help you build fitness into your life in a fun and accessible way. 

After joining the gym, Saman’s mindset and concept of what fitness meant to her changed. Not only was she able to become stronger and leaner physically, but healthier in every aspect of life. This is the ethos behind the Focus program: to help you develop positive mental, physical and emotional well-being regardless of who you are, or where you are in your fitness journey.

What can I expect from the program?
Focus is designed to increase your foundational strength and improve your functional fitness. You’ll be taken through high intensity and fun, full body circuits using minimal equipment such as resistance bands, a skipping rope, dumbbells don’t have any key equipment don’t worry you can also use everyday furniture such as a chair.
What will I gain from the program?
The aim is to make you feel invigorated and boost your energy levels! Saman’s hope is that through this program, she’s able to encourage positive mental, physical and emotional well-being amongst the community.
How long are the workouts? 

The workouts all have 3 parts with a total time of 25-35 minutes: Warm up (5 minutes), Circuit (15-20 minutes) and Finisher (5-10 minutes) .

What levels are available?
The program has 3 different levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Saman created it this way so that everyone, despite their working out experience and skill set, can begin or continue their fitness journey. 
How long is Focus?

Beginner: 4 weeks consisting of 2 workouts per week with an optional 3rd

Intermediate: 8 weeks consisting of 3 workouts per week 

Advanced: 8 weeks consisting of 3 workouts per week with an optional 4th 

What is the workout split?

Beginner and Intermediate will consist of upper body, lower body and full body circuits.

Advanced has upper body, lower body, full body, HIIT & core and conditioning & core workouts.

Can I complete the program at home?
Yes absolutely, the workouts can be completed in the comforts of your own home or at the gym. You can incorporate them to fit in and around your lifestyle! The workouts are very practical, require minimal equipment and all body weight!
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