EvolveYou Launch

What does this mean for my subscription?

Although we have changed our name to EvolveYou, your subscription will remain unchanged. 

If your subscription is held through the website your payment will now appear under EvolveYou / EvolveYou App depending on how many characters your banking app or bank statement will show you. 

If your subscription is held either through the App Store or Google Play your payment will continue to come under the original Apple and Google Play. 

Any subscription that is due to renew from the 5th April 2022 will be charged under the name of EvolveYou / EvolveYou App Limited. 

You won’t get any confirmation through Google or Apple to let you know there will be a change in the name so please make sure that you’re opted into our marketing updates. 


Will I lose my existing progress in the app with the change to EvolveYou?

No progress will be lost once the app has been rebranded.  You’ll need to log in as normal to get into the app. 

Can’t see your data? It sounds like you’ve logged into the incorrect account please login to the most active account to ensure you can see all of your up to date progress!

Still having issues? Drop the team a message so they can look into this further for you. 


Why have you changed your name to EvolveYou?

We feel the name EvolveYou truly aligns with our company values and what we stand for as a brand today. It's important to us that our name and brand identity reflects how we have grown and matured over time and gives us the right platform for our future growth journey.


How do I see the new update on the app?

Want to see everything we’ve been working on recently? Head to your app store to update to the latest version 6.0.0. 


Will my guides change once it goes into EvolveYou?

There will be no changes to your programs and all programs will remain the same. 



How will I be able to follow EvolveYou on social media?

Already following Tone & Sculpt on our social channels? You’ll automatically be following EvolveYou through our existing channels. 

Not following us at the moment? Follow us at @evolveyou and @evolveyoutogether


50 star club 

I’ve just reached the 50 star club. What t- shirt will I receive?

Just joined the 50 star club? Congratulations for joining the club! If you’ve reached the 50  star club on or just after the 5th April you’ll be able to order your EvolveYou t-shirt very soon! Make sure your push notifications are switched on so we can let you know when you order your new EvolveYou t-shirt. 

I’ve already received my Tone & Sculpt 50 star club t-shirt but I want an EvolveYou t-shirt

Received your Tone & Sculpt 50 star within the last 30 days? Drop us a message and we can get a new one ordered for you. 

I haven’t received my 50 star t-shirt yet. What t-shirt will I receive?

Ordered your t-shirt but it hasn’t arrived yet drop us a message so we can get a new t-shirt ordered for you. 

I’ve reached the 50 star club however I can’t order my t-shirt? When will I be able to order my t-shirt?

Our 50 star club t-shirt is evolving and will be available again very soon. Make sure you’re opted into our push notifications to ensure that you’re the first to know about it. 

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