The Transform You Challenge


The Transform You challenge has been designed to help build consistency and long lasting habits. Launched on 31st January 2022, the challenge will involve up to 12 weeks of 30-45 minute workouts that will help you to begin your fitness journey and push you to achieve your goals! This is has become a permanent addition to the app. 

Who is this challenge designed for?

This challenge was designed for new community members who are looking to start their journey or looking to re-motivate themselves from a beginner or intermediate level. 


Been with us a little while and looking for something different? This is a great challenge to reset yourself before heading to your next program!

Which trainer will I do this challenge with?
Krissy will be with you each step of the way throughout the Transform You challenge!
What levels are the Transform You challenge available in?
Available in beginner and intermediate levels this challenge is available for anyone looking to either get started on your fitness journey or help you with your consistency goals. 
How long are the workouts?

Beginner level

Amount of workouts: 3 workouts a week for 6 weeks 

Average workout time: 30- 35 minutes 

Intermediate level

Amount of workouts: 4 workouts a week for 6 weeks 

Average workout time: 40-45 minutes

How long is the Transform You challenge?

If you are starting at the beginner level the total duration of the challenge will be 12 weeks as you will be encouraged to move onto the Intermediate level.


Looking to begin from the Intermediate level? You will see 6 weeks of the challenge. 

What equipment will I need to use to complete the challenge?
The challenge can either be completed in the gym or at home, this is the perfect challenge to get you started as this requires minimal equipment including dumbbells. 
Can I earn stars during this challenge?

The aim of the challenge is to help you build consistency and habits to get you ready to begin your next program. By the end of the challenge, the aim is to make you feel more confident whilst working out! Stars can be earned through your program workouts. 

Where can I locate and join this challenge?

If you have just joined the app:

  • On the welcome screen, select choose a challenge
  • View and join the challenge
  • Choose the level (beginner or intermediate) and start date
  • Finalise the program and you’re good to go! 

Once you reach the end of your challenge, you can then choose the right program for you to continue your journey with!

If you want to do the challenge as an existing community member: 

  • Go to your workout page
  • Scroll down to Trending Challenges and click view all
  • Select Transform You 
  • Join the challenge & choose your start date
Can I do the challenge with my current program?
Absolutely, once the challenge has been selected you can select to pause or continue with your current program. 
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