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Why have we introduced Yoga?

Community feedback is so important to us and our community has wanted to see Yoga introduced into the app so here it is! 


What is the aim of the Balance with Jen guide?

Balance with Jen has been designed to help anyone looking to start on their yoga journey or become consistent and committed to their current yoga practice. It is rooted in the ethos of connecting your body and mind as one.

This program is perfect for those that may have thought in the past that yoga is not for them, to find a way into their practice to reap all the amazing benefits from yoga both mentally and physically. Balance will help you fall in love with yoga so that you can transform from the inside out.


How has Jen’s program been designed?

Balance with Jen is split into 7 focus areas which represent the different parts of a yoga practice. There is also an additional class called Flow It Out designed to bring everything you have learnt in the 7 sessions together as well as build on new poses/flows that Jen will work with you on in the next classes. Balance gets progressively harder in difficulty to give yourself an opportunity to challenge yourself both mentally and physically.


What level is Jen’s program available in?

This is an open level guide so regardless of whether you have never tried Yoga or whether you’re a regular you can give Jen’s guide a go! 


What level should I choose to begin with?

Never tried Yoga before? Jen’s program is designed for all levels whether you’re a new yogi building a practice for the first time, for those looking to practice a creative style of yoga that maybe they haven’t tried before and for anyone trying to build a strong habitual practice into their weekly routine. If you're brand new to yoga you can start with Yoga Foundations when choosing this program.


What will I look to achieve by using Jen’s program?

A strong yoga practice that is now a part of their weekly routine. You will learn tools to help both on and off the mat in your everyday life. 


I want to do other workouts as well as Jen’s program. What should I focus on? 

Jen’s Balance guide focuses on push movements so in order to compliment the program why not add some workouts from the Strong program.  


How long are the workouts in Jen’s program?

Jen’s classes are usually between 20-35 minutes with the final class being a 45 minute class. 


I want to continue my current program but want to add in Jen’s Yoga flows, how can I do this?

All of our trainer’s programs are designed to be used as one sole program however if you are looking to do workouts with multiple trainers then choose the trainer you want to do your assigned program with and then head to the explore page to choose the extra workouts you want to add to alongside this manually. You will continue to receive the 50 stars for your assigned program only. 


What equipment is needed to complete Jen’s program 

All of Jen’s programs can be completed at home and therefore all that’s needed is an exercise mat and yoga blocks if you wish to add these to your workouts. 


How do I view what exercises are in Jen’s program?

The flow for Jen’s classes will now include a breakdown of what the class will include in the description of the workout. 


If you’re looking to view the exercises in the program you can do this by holding and swiping through the timeline in each class. 


How do I view alternatives in Jen’s program?

Due to the way that Jen’s guide has been built out this program doesn’t offer swipeable alternatives whilst working out Jen will be talking you through all exercises and giving alternatives where needed. 


Can I download the workouts through Jen’s program?

Jen’s program videos are available to stream only due to the data that would be needed to download the workout. 


I’ve started Jen’s workout but all I can see is a black screen?

Just started one of Jen’s workouts and can only see a black screen and a loading icon? This will be because your device does not have enough signal to be able to view the exercise. Please ensure that you have reset your wifi or go to a location that has a stronger signal. 


I want to store the weights I have used in Jen’s workouts?

Jen’s programs won’t have the ability to be able to record the weights you have used. However, why not head to the progress photo section to be able to show your progress in photo format and enter the weights you’ve used!


What iOS version do I need to have to be able to view Jen’s guide?

You’ll need to be able to access a minimum of iOS 14 to be able to view Jen’s workouts. 


Can I mix the trainer’s programs together? 

As with all of our existing trainer’s you will need to choose your main trainer to complete your program with and then you can add on any other workouts you wish to complete by heading to the explore section of the app. You will also continue to receive stars as normal.

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