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Why have we introduced Barre?

A large proportion of our community love to workout at home and with this in mind we are launching Barre which is an immersive fun way to workout at home which requires little equipment. 

What is Barre?

Barre is a type of fitness style that incorporates elements of ballet, Pilates and yoga. The exercises are usually low impact, high intensity targeting every muscle fibre, ones that usually cannot be reached in traditional home and gym based workouts. Inspired by highly skilled choreography that you would usually find in ballet, barre is a very unique workout style. To the naked eye, barre looks gentle, with very small movements; to the person taking part: you will experience a gruelling burn like no other! 


I’m new to Barre. How do I know this is right for me?
Barre is designed to target tiny muscles and therefore is a good target workout for anyone using the app. If you’re looking for a guide to change the way you’re working out this is it!
What is the aim of the Energy with Emily guide?
Emily’s guide has been created to build a strong supple body, increase flexibility and stand taller through low impact, high intensity workouts. Through using Emily’s guide the aim will be to create defined, lean muscle and a stronger core. This is a high energy guide that works to the beat of the music so get ready to awaken those muscles that you didn't know existed and see your confidence reach a new level!
How is Emily’s Energy program designed?
Emily’s program is 12 weeks long with 3 workouts a week with a 4th workout available if you want to push yourself a little further. Every workout will be up to 30 minutes long and will include target area focus and full body focus each week.
What levels are Emily’s programs available in?/strong>
Emily’s program is open level and suitable for all levels. Alternative exercise options are proivided throughout. Due to the intensity of the movements you may experience a different feeling of burn!
Is this guide suitable for low impact workouts?
The vast majority of the guide is low impact however the Cardio Barre is deemed as high impact.
What will I look to achieve by using Emily’s guide?
As Barre as based on targeting tiny muscle fibres the aim of this guide is to: Gain a stronger, supple body and increase flexibility and mobility.
I want to do other workouts as well as Emily’s program. What should I focus on?
Depending on your health and fitness goals head to our explore page to add additional workouts! Emily’s program also includes a cardio barre class every 2 weeks to get your heart rate up even more!
How long are the workouts in Emily’s program?
Emily’s workouts are around 30-40 minutes so this is a perfect program if you’re short on time!
What equipment will I need?
The amazing thing about Barre is all you need is a chair, an exercise mat and some light dumbbells as you continue to progress through Emily’s program.
How do I view what exercises are in Emily’s program?
The flow for Emily’s workouts will now include a breakdown of what the class will include in the description of the workout. If you’re looking to view the exercises in the program you can do this by holding and swiping through the timeline in each exercise.
How do I view alternatives in Emily’s program?
Due to the way that Emily’s program has been built out this guide doesn’t offer swipeable alternatives whilst working out Emily will be talking you through all exercises and giving alternatives where needed.
Can I download the workouts through Emily’s program?
Emily’s program videos are available to stream only due to the data required that would be needed to download the workout.
I’ve started Emily’s workout but all I can see is a black screen?
Just started one of Emily’s workouts and can only see a black screen and a loading icon? This will be because your device does not have enough signal to be able to view the exercise. Please ensure that you have reset your wifi or go to a location that has a stronger signal.
I want to store the weights I have used in Emily’s workouts?
Emily’s programs won’t have the ability to be able to record the weights you have used. However, why not head to the progress photo section to be able to show your progress in photo format and enter the weights you’ve used!
Can I mix the trainer’s programs together?
As with all of our existing trainer’s you will need to choose your main trainer to complete your program with and then you can add on any other workouts you wish to complete by heading to the explore section of the app. You will also continue to receive stars as normal when completing any workouts as part of your assigned program.
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