Danyele: Power Programs

Everything you need to know about Danyele's power programs...

How has Danyele’s gym program changed?
Introducing the Power Gym guide. Danyele has listened to the community and is bringing you a new improved Gym guide which will help continue your journey in the gym. With an additional 150 new movements the Power gym guide is here to help you achieve peak performance!
I’m a beginner. How do I know if the Power Gym guide is the best guide for me?

The Power Gym guide has been designed to help you start from the beginner level and will ease you into moving your body more often and moving well. 


The guide is also low impact and is focused on building a solid functional strength foundation so you can build the strength to focus on complex/ powerful movements so you can move onto the intermediate and advanced levels. 

How do I know this is the right guide for me?
If you enjoy a performance based approach to training, if you respond well to being coached like an athlete, if you want to build explosive strength, increase your cardiovascular threshold and improve your mobility, this is the program for you.
Where can I complete these programs?
All of the Power Home workouts can be completed in your living room or garden.  Power Gym, all of the workouts can be completed in any average gym.
What should I expect to achieve from your Power programs?
You will build explosive power and strength, increase your cardiovascular threshold and improve your mobility. But most importantly, you will gain an unshakeable athlete mindset and find joy in discovering what your body is truly capable of. The confidence and pride that comes along with training style is unmatched.
I’ve changed to the new Power guide but want the old one back- how do I do this?
To ensure that we are offering the best product to you, once you have changed your guide to the Power guide you will no longer be able to view the old gym guide for Danyele.
Will I lose any progress by changing over to the new Power guide?
None of your stars or progress will be lost by switching over.
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