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Everything you need to know about Danyele's power programs...

Inclusive and unique, Danyele's Power Gym and Power Home Programs offer a training experience designed to greatly improve functional fitness through a combination of sports performance and functional strength training.

How do I know if the Power Programs are right for me?

If you enjoy a performance based approach to training, if you respond well to being coached like an athlete, if you want to build explosive strength, increase your cardiovascular threshold and improve your mobility, Danyele's Power programs are for you.

Become the athlete you were born to be, from the comfort of your own home with Danyele's Power Home program OR get ready to switch up your gym workouts and take your strength training to the next level with Danyele's Power Gym.

I'm new to the gym, is Power Gym still suitable for me?

The Power Gym guide has been designed to help you start from the beginner level and will ease you into moving your body more often and moving well. 

The programs are also low impact and is focused on building a solid functional strength foundation so you can build the strength to focus on complex/ powerful movements so you can move onto the intermediate and advanced levels. 

How long are the Power programs?
Both Power Home and Power Gym are 36 weeks long from beginner to advanced.
What is the structure of these programs?

Both Power programs are available in 3 or 5 days from beginner to advanced. 

3 day split- Lower Body Strength, Conditioning & Core, Upper Body Strength

5 day split- Lower Body Strength, Conditioning & Core, Upper Body Strength, Conditioning & Core, Power & Mobility

Theses program include benchmark workouts in Weeks 1 & 4 of the beginner level, Weeks 1 & 24 of the intermediate level, and Weeks 1 & 8 of the advanced level.

What is a benchmark workout?

Each level of the Power programs start and end with a benchmark workout. The workouts involve you performing and exercise until failure or completing as many reps as you can within a given time. By completing these workouts at the start and end of your program you are able to measure your progress and see how far you've come.

How long is each workout?
Each workout is 45-60 minutes each. This has been based on the feedback our community has provided and to ensure that the community has enough time to complete each workout. 
What equipment do I need?

All of the Power Home workouts can be completed in your living room or garden with minimal equipment such as a skipping rope, resistance band, dumbbells and/or a kettlebell.

The Power Gym workouts require a variety of different exercise machines and equipment, and can be completed in any average gym.

I don’t have access to certain equipment. What should I do?
Within both programs all workouts have alternatives so if you don’t have access to a piece of equipment you can switch the exercise out for another one. 
Where do I track my weights?
Weights can be entered by clicking on the dumbbell icon for each exercise when completing your workout.
How do I see my previously tracked weights?

You can view your weight history by clicking on the dumbbell icon during your workout and clicking 'history'.

You can also view this when you're in the workout on the overview page. If you swipe left on an exercise, a dumbbell icon will appear in blue, click on this and you will see your saved weights history for that exercise. 

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