Move Together challenge

How does the challenge work?

The Move Together challenge will last for 3 weeks and is designed to build up your endurance and really get to know our trainers and learn about what training style works best for you. Throughout the challenge our trainers will be with you all the way to get you started or focused again on your fitness journey!


Who is this challenge designed for?

This challenge was specifically designed for new community members who deem themselves as looking to start their routine at EvolveYou or looking to re-motivate themselves from a beginner level upwards. 


There are intermediate workouts in this challenge, won’t this be too hard for me?

The challenge has been built with you in mind, however if you’re finding it a little too difficult don’t worry! All of our trainers offer alternatives within the challenge to make this suitable for you!


How does this work with my program? 

If you have just joined the app: If you choose the Move Together challenge your weekly program will show your challenge, once you reach the end of your challenge you can then choose the right program for you!


If you want to do the challenge as an existing community member: 

  • Click the Explore button on the workouts tab 
  • Click the On Demand button 
  • Choose your challenge 
  • Choose the option on whether to pause your program. This will then move your current program by 3 weeks. 


What happens if I don’t complete my Move Together challenge in the same week as it was populated?

The Move Together challenges are designed to complete in the same week and therefore if you want to complete one of the challenge workouts in the next week, head to the explore tab and search for the challenge workout you have missed. 


What if I want to change the days that the challenge has been set as?

No problem! For iPhone devices you can drag the workout within the same week, for Android devices hold down the workout and then move this to your chosen day in the same week. 


I wanted my challenge to begin on a Monday.

When signing up to the challenge you will be given the option to choose the day you wish your challenge to begin on. Want it to begin on a Monday? Choose the Monday to begin!


I’ve finished the challenge. What program do I do next?

If you’ve been with EvolveYou before signing up to the challenge once the challenge has ended you will be able to continue with your existing program. 


New to the app and wondering what to do next? Check the workouts tab to choose the right program for you!


Do I get stars as part of this onboarding challenge?

The aim of the challenge is to help you build up your confidence by learning new moves and get you ready to begin your program. At the end of the challenge the aim is to feel stronger and more confident whilst working out! Stars can be earned through your programmed workouts. 


New to EvolveYou? Choose your new program to begin earning stars and earn your 50 Star T-Shirt!


What trainers will be involved? 

Danyele, Krissy and Melissa will all be involved helping you at the very beginning of your fitness journey or help you continue your journey!


Bootcamp challenge


How does the Bootcamp challenge work?

The Bootcamp challenge is 2 weeks long with 3 workouts each week. These vary between intermediate and advanced On Demand workouts and are designed to push you and also give you a boost of motivation. 


What is the difference between the Bootcamp challenge and the Move Together Challenge?

The Move Together challenge is designed to get to know our trainers a little more if you are just starting out or looking to try out different trainers.

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