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Why are some of the programs 4 and 6 days when most of the other programs are 3 and 5 days?
All of our programs are designed uniquely by each of our trainers and are designed based on their expertise. This is how Melissa works best and everything has been designed with you in mind.
What style of workouts are in Melissa’s programs?
Melissa’s programs can be described as functional strength training with bouts of cardio to help improve your endurance, strength, movement patterns and overall energy output. Click here to find out more about Commit. 
Who can complete Melissa’s workouts?
Anyone can complete Melissa’s workouts as we have beginner, intermediate and advanced levels available! As always if you are pregnant, are in your postpartum journey or are currently recovering from an injury please speak to your doctor before completing any of our workouts. 
Will Melissa have challenges?
Yes of course! Follow us on Instagram and switch on your In App notifications to ensure that you’re receiving all the latest updates from us!
Are Melissa’s programs low or high intensity?
To get the most out of the programs, Melissa has designed her programs to be a mix between high and low intensity workouts with minimal jumping included in the programs. 
What if I don’t like running?
Not a fan of running? Don’t worry Melissa’s programs are not just for people who like running! If you want to switch out any running you can replace this with walking or hiking, as long as you are moving your body!
I’m training for a marathon, what program should I choose?
Looking to continue your training whilst training for a long distance event or a marathon? Check out Melissa’s 4 day training program. This is the perfect program for you to continue training!
What if I’m just getting started with fitness? How do I know if this is the right program for me?
This program is available for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, if you’re brand new to fitness or haven’t trained in a while head to the beginner level, this will build up your endurance to work up to the next levels. 
Why do the workout weeks vary versus Krissy’s and Danyele’s?
All of Melissa’s programs are designed to have staple movements week after week however each week will vary ever so slightly, don’t worry this was designed to be this way. 
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