Krissy: Strong

Everything you need to know about Krissy's Strong program... 

How has the Strong program changed from the previous Gym program?
The Strong program is now a 67 week program ranging from beginner to expert. This program will now change every 2 weeks and has 7 de-load weeks added into the overall guide to ensure your body is recovering.
Why has the Gym program changed to the Strong program?
We’ve listened to the community feedback as well as reviewed the programs and have redesigned the program to provide you the best gym program.
What days are available for the Strong program?

All of our programs are available in 3 and 5 days from beginner to expert. 

3 day is available- Lower Body, Upper Body, Full Body 

5 day is available- Quads and Calves, Push, Full Body, Hamstring and Glutes and Pull day 

How do I know this is the right program for me?
If you’re looking for a resistance and strength training gym program and want to learn new styles, this is the perfect program for you!
How long is each workout?
Each workout is 45-60 minutes each. This has been based on the feedback our community has provided and to ensure that the community has enough time to complete each workout. 
I’ve changed to the new Strong program but want the old one back- how do I do this?
To ensure that we are offering the best product to you, once you have changed your program to the Strong program you will no longer be able to view the old gym program for Krissy.
I can’t see the new Strong program, how do I view this?

If you’re on the current gym program

You can access the program by heading to:

  • Dashboard tab in the app
  • Viewing the upgrade program button above the weekly planner. 
  • Update your program. 

You’re on another program except for the current Krissy’s gym program  and want to change over?

Head to:

  • Workouts tab 
  • Choose Krissy
  • Choose the Strong program 
  • Choose your chosen level.
What level do I begin on if I’m on Danyele’s Intermediate program?
Just finished Danyele’s program and wonder what level to begin on? If you’ve finished Danyele’s intermediate level it’s time to jump onto the advanced level for the Strong program. 
I don’t have access to certain equipment. What should I do?
Don’t worry, all of our workouts have alternatives so if you don’t have access to a piece of equipment you can switch the exercise out for another one. 
Do I have to do the exercises in the workouts in a certain order?
The workouts have been designed with progression in mind however if you’re in the gym and someone is using the equipment don’t worry click on another exercise within that workout to complete. When each exercise has been completed it will show a tick next to it so you won’t lose your progress. 
How does the app correlate where you are now to where you move over to on the Strong program? Does week 4 intermediate go to week 4 intermediate?
Your program will move in line with the current week you are on e.g. if you are on week 4 you will remain on week 4. If you move onto a week which has now been created as a de-load week please continue with the de-load week as this is the new layout of your program. 
How do I know what level to start on?
Not sure what level to begin on? Check out the table below to see what level we suggest you begin on...
Level Gym Confidence
  • If you’re completely new to the gym
  • You’ve worked out but want more confidence 
  • You’ve worked out from home as you wanted to build confidence
  • You’ve been training for 8-12 months 
  • Fairly comfortable with free weights 
  • You go to the gym regularly
  • You’ve been training for 1-2 years
  • You're confident at the gym
  • You know your way around the gym and are comfortable with the equipment and understand performing exercises with the correct form 
  • You’ve got lots of experience at the gym
  • You’ve been training for over 2 years
  • You want your next push in your fitness routine
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