Sculpt It beginner level

What is a Sculpt It beginner?

Sculpt It beginner level is an addition to our Sculpt It program which was only previously available at intermediate level. 

With all things our community loves about Sculpt It, the beginner level is the perfect opportunity to learn all the skills for Sculpt It and be prepared to tackle the Intermediate level! 


I’ve just started Sculpt It Intermediate should I move down to Sculpt It beginner level 

If you feel that Sculpt It intermediate is too intense then you can switch down to beginner. Don’t worry all of your progress will be saved.


Why have you launched a beginner program?

Due to popular demand, we have launched the beginner level if you are new to fitness and want to try out Sculpt It the beginner level is the perfect level to try out!


When did the Sculpt It beginner level launched?

We launched the beginner level on 16th March. 


How many weeks is Sculpt It beginner level?

In total this is 4 weeks long. Weeks 1 and 2 are the same and weeks 3 and 4 are the same. This is to ensure you are able to build habits and get ready to move up to the intermediate level. 


I’ve never completed Sculpt It before which level should I begin with?

If you’re new and have not completed any programs before the beginner level is the perfect way to start your Sculpt It journey. 


How do I move to the next level?

Once you’ve reached the end of the beginner level you’ll be prompted to move to the next level. 


Does the beginner level have low alternative versions 

Each workout within the program has the option to change the exercise 

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