On-Demand Workouts

Everything you need to know about our On Demand workouts can be found here...

How do the on demand workouts work?

The On-Demand workouts are part of your subscription and have been designed to help you push yourself even further to achieve your fitness goals. Workout with either Krissy, Danyele, Melissa or Emily in your own space!
How do I add these workouts into my planner?
  • Head to the workouts tab
  • Swipe along on the top bar to On Demands
  • Choose the exercise you would like to complete
Do I get a star for these workouts? 
You won’t receive a star for these workouts but you’ll be able to see what workouts have been completed in your weekly planner and identify them by seeing a tv logo next to them. 
Can I swap a program workout with an on demand workout and still receive the same amount of stars?
These are non program workouts, to receive your full stars you’ll need to complete all of your program workouts.
Can I share these on demand workouts with my friends who don’t have a EvolveYou subscription. 
These are app exclusive workouts but don’t worry, if you refer your friend via our Mention Me referral scheme you'll both get rewarded if they purchase a subscription at the end of their free trial period. Find out more about Mention Me here
Can I watch the on-demand workouts on my laptop or TV?

Yes of course! If your device is able to link to your TV then you’ll be able to view your on-demand exercises on your TV.

You can only view your app through a mobile device and won't be able to login through your laptop. 

Can I view and track my weights in my weight tracker in the on-demand workouts?
Similar to the Sculpt It program, you can’t currently record your weights in the on demand workouts. But why not take a selfie and add it to our progress photo section and note down your weights there.
What does the TV logo shown on workouts mean?
It let’s you know when you’ve completed or scheduled an on-demand workout.
Can I download the workouts to my offline workouts?
Due to the size of the workouts you won’t be able to download these and need to be streamed from the app. 
Can I view these workouts on 4G/ 3G?
Due to the size and quality of these videos it is best to view them through your wifi. 
Why can’t I hear the sound in the app?
To make sure you can hear sound in the app ensure your phone sound is switched on and sound is switched on in your settings. Please also ensure you don't have silent mode or 'do not disturb' switched on.
If I stream an On Demand workout to my TV can I still use my phone for other things?
Unfortunately not, your phone must remain on the play screen.  If you are to switch to a different app the stream would stop.
How often will new workouts be added?
We’ll be adding new On Demand workouts to the app on a regular basis, so watch this space!
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