50 Star Club FAQ’s 

How does the 50 Star Club work?

The 50 Star Club is an incentive created to reward our community members for earning 50 stars! Once you have reached 50 stars you’ll receive a message through the app which will ask you to fill in your t-shirt order so we can get it sent out to you!


When did the 50 Star Club start?

We started counting your program workout stars on 1st January 2021.


What happens to my previous stars?

You can view all of your completed workouts in your weekly planner but these won’t be counted towards your 50 star target. 


How do I know how many stars I am on?

Check out the amount of stars you're on by heading to the dashboard and choosing 50 star club button!


Do I have to complete all 50 stars in a row?

You don’t have to complete all of your starred workouts one after the other to reach your 50 star target!


Do I have to complete 50 stars in one program?

Some of our programs don’t have 50 stars so once you’ve finished one program, move onto your next program and the stars will continue to count towards your 50 stars. 


Do I have to do anything to participate?

No as part of signing up to the app you are automatically enrolled into the 50 Star Club!


What details will you need from me to send my t-shirt?

To be able to send you your t-shirt we’ll ask you for your:

  • Full postal address 
  • Telephone number (incase the courier needs to contact you about your parcel)

Will I receive stars for completing non-program workouts?

  • The 50 Star achievement is for all program related workouts that you are assigned to, you won’t receive a star for:
    • Challenges
    • 15 minute workouts
    • On- Demand workouts 
    • Stretch and Recovery 
    • Workouts in Other programs

What are the size dimensions of the t-shirts?one_size_t-shirt_guide.jpg


How do I know how to measure my t-shirt?

As the sizes are based on the physical t-shirt it is best to choose a t-shirt you already have and compare the sizing against this. 


What shape is the t-shirt?

The t-shirt is a regular to loose fit style.


When will I receive my t-shirt?

Once you’ve reached your 50 stars you'll be able to go into your dashboard and click 'order t-shirt'. This form will be processed straight away and your order will be sent on. 


There can sometimes be a hold up at customs and depots when sending world wide, so please give the t-shirt 28 working days to arrive before contacting support.


What happens if my t-shirt is lost in the post?

We hope this doesn’t happen however let us know and we’ll get this sorted out for you.



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