Why is the App showing a black screen during workouts? - Android Users

The videos within the app do require internet connectivity to be viewed. If you are experiencing a black screen during the workout this typically indicates that you have a lack of internet connectivity. 

To resolve, you can download the workouts locally to your device. This stores the workout on your device for 7 days which prevents the black video screen from occurring, to save your workout offline:

  • Choose your chosen workout to download
  • Click the cloud icon at the top right of the screen
  • Enjoy your workout!

To access your saved workouts:

  • Click the person icon at the top left of the screen in workouts
  • Click on Saved workouts under account settings
  • Enjoy your workout without any interruptions!

These will expire after 7 days and you can then delete them from your saved workouts by swiping right. 

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