EvolveYou Summer Challenge

What is the Summer Challenge 2024?

Members of the EvolveYou community to complete 3 weeks of summer sweat!

Get your sweat on and shape up with the Summer Games  with this three week challenge from EvolveYou! Choose either Krissy, Maddie, Saman or Charlotte. to switch up your workout style and challenge yourself for the next 3 weeks.  

Pause your program and take it up a level with your bespoke summer challenge working as a team to drive each other forwards and keep each other accountable.

Want a further incentive? Earn x3 badges (x1 per week) with each week completed earning you more entries into our amazing competition, the ultimate prize? A weekend in Paris for you and a plus one!

Do I need to sign up and when must I do this by?
Yes! You can sign up for the challenge until Monday 10th June 6am BST, you won’t be able to join the challenge after that date has passed.
How can I sign up to the Summer Games challenge?

Ensure your app is updated to the latest version 7.1.20

Head to the dashboard to sign up and choose your trainer.

Can I choose multiple challenges?

The design of the Summer Games challenge is to choose 1 trainer so there is no way to choose different trainers to complete the challenge with.

When can I begin the challenge?
You can begin your first challenge workout on Monday 10th June 6am BST.
When do I have until to complete the Summer Games challenge?
The last day to complete the challenge is Monday 1st July 8am BST.
Do I have to pause my program?

As the challenge workouts are 45- 60 mins and to be completed 4 times a week we would not recommend attempting to complete both the challenge and your program. 

What will happen to my program whilst I’m completing the Summer Games challenge?

Your program will be paused whilst you complete the challenge. Once you come to the end of the challenge you will be able to pick up where you left off. 

If you leave the challenge before the end of the challenge ends then you will be able to pick up on your existing program without losing any programs.

Can I leave the Summer Games challenge and then rejoin?
If you choose to leave the Summer Games challenge after the challenge has begun then you will be unable to rejoin.
Can I change my mind on what trainer I want to complete my challenge with?

You can change your trainer as many times as you want until the sign up period closes on the app. You will not be able to change your chosen trainer once the sign up period comes to an end. If you do leave the challenge after the sign up period you will not be able to join again and will be able to continue with your chosen program.

Where can I complete the Summer Games challenge?

Maddie and Charlotte’s challenges are designed to be completed in the gym. Krissy and Saman's challenges require minimal equipment and can be completed in or outside the gym!

Want to learn more about what equipment needs to be used in each trainer’s challenge. Check out the breakdown below to see the equipment needed for each challenge.

What levels are the Summer Games challenge available in?
Each trainer’s challenge is available in  2 levels (Beg-Int, Int-Adv)
How long are the workouts and how many programs per week are there?

Each workout is designed to be 45-60 minutes long and there are 4 workouts per week to complete with an optional Cardio/HIIT/Mobility day

Will I earn anything for completing the Summer Games workouts

Yes, stars can be earned for each Summer Games workout completed. If all workouts are completed per week you will earn 1 Summer Games challenge badge for each week you complete the Summer Games challenge. 

When you receive a Summer Games you will automatically receive the following entries into the competition 

Each badge collected will earn you entries into the competition. 

Week 1: 5 entries

Week 2: 10 entries

Week 3: 15 entries

How do I know what trainer to complete the Summer Challenge with?
Trainer What to expect Style Equipment needed
Krissy A signature strength training plan where you go back to basics with simple yet effective compound moves. Move through 3-4 sets of 4-5 strength exercises. The reps are kept between 10-15 to help you build muscle, whilst you get that sweat on! Krissy shows you how when it comes to strength training, the biggest results come from nailing your fundamentals.

Optional finisher.
Bodybuilding/ strength training, a little bit of power Very little equipment needed, Barbell, dumbbell and the occasional kettlebells. Plus a bench, get stronger, and boost your confidence in or outside the gym!
Saman Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or aiming to push your limits further, each session offers a mix of cardio, strength, and endurance exercises to sculpt your physique and enhance your fitness prowess. Bid farewell to routine and embrace a summer filled with invigorating workouts that challenge boundaries and unleash your full potential. Come join us and experience the power of minimalist fitness! Circuit/HIIT Dumbbells, chair, exercise mat, resistance band
Maddie My summer challenge is a circuit style challenge, meant to give users the most time efficient and fun workout experience. I programmed it circuit style to differentiate it a little bit from my previous summer challenge as well as all my other build programs. Still utilising the core elements of BUILD, this challenge is meant to bring the HEAT and INTENSITY to your training. Expect sweaty, fast paced, full body sweat. This challenge is great for users who are looking to BURN fat and maintain LEAN MUSCLE all summer long Strength based circuits Resistance band, dumbbell, box, kettlebell, barbell, pull up bar, treadmill, stairmaster, med ball/ bench/ box
Charlotte It is designed to help you develop foundational strength while building insane conditioning and explosive power. Meaning that the work you do in the gym is designed to carry over to the work you do outside the gym. No matter your fitness background, you will get stronger, faster, and become more resilient as an all rounded Athlete Strength Focus & Crossfit Barbell, dumbbells, box, kettlebells, assault bike, SkiErg, sled push/pull, pull-up bar, medicine ball, bench, rower
How does the competition work?

As an incentive to the Summer Games challenge one lucky person will have the chance to win the ultimate trip to Paris, this summer. 

For every week of the challenge you complete you'll earn a badge and this will be automatically enter you into our prize draw for a chance to win.

What happens if I don’t complete all of the Summer Games workouts?

You’ll still be entered into the competition even if you don’t complete all of the workouts linked to the Summer Challenge. 

For each Summer Challenge badge you earn you will receive the following points

Week 1: 5 entries

Week 2: 10 entries

Week 3: 15 entries 

To receive a badge you will need to complete all 4 of the mandatory workouts in that week to receive the challenge badge for that week, if you complete 3 of the mandatory workouts and the optional workout from the challenge you will not earn a badge and therefore will not receive any entries into the competition for that week.

What happens if I don’t complete all the workouts in that week?
You’ll need to complete all of the mandatory workouts from that week to be eligible to earn your Summer Games Challenge. If you don’t complete all of the mandatory workouts from that week then you will not be able to earn your Summer Games badge.
Will I be automatically entered into the competition?
Yes! Anyone who has signed up to the Summer Games challenge and earns a badge or badges then they will automatically be entered into the competition.
How long do I have to earn the badges for the Summer Games?

You’ll have until the end of each week to complete the Summer Games workouts to earn the challenge badges. 

The challenge will be removed from the EvolveYou app on the 30th June at midnight BST. 

A member of the EvolveYou will then choose and contact the winner on the 2nd July.

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