Charlotte: Perform

Everything you need to know about our new trainer Charlotte and her program Perform!

Who is EvolveYou’s latest trainer Charlotte?  

Charlotte is a Level 3 Personal Trainer who defines her training as Hybrid. Her training style fuses together functional fitness with core strength training.

What can I expect from PERFORM?

Charlotte’s program is all about performance with strength training and endurance focusses.  You will see MetCon workouts (Metabolic Conditioning) which is a style of training that blends strength training and cardio with the aim of improving the efficiency of your body's energy systems - helping to increase your overall level of fitness.

You’ll also work on your strength with upper or lower body exercises, designed to help you improve your lifts and ensure you’re still building muscle.

What is Hybrid training?

Hybrid training is where you shift away from one single focus such as strength training and you blend various types of training together.

For our new trainer Charlotte, her hybrid focus is a blended approach of strength/ endurance and cardio. The cardio will come in the forms of running, cycling, rowing as well as being introduced to the SkiErg. Although each week will have a similar format to the way it is structured, no workout will be the same, ensuring things are kept varied and you’re always challenged.

What levels are Charlotte’s program available in?

Whilst it is encouraged to have a basic understanding of the gym Charlotte will be launching her new program in: 

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
How long are the workouts in Charlotte’s newest program?

Each of Charlotte’s workouts are designed to be 1 hour long.

What equipment is required?

This program is designed to be actioned in the gym and will include the following equipment: 

Mainly free weights (barbell, dumbbell and kettlebells) plus d-balls (a type of medicine ball)

Cardio equipment:

  • ski-erg, 
  • rower, 
  • assault bike, 
  • sled push/pull  


  • leg press, 
  • leg extension 
  • hamstring curl
I’m new to Olympic lifting style workouts. What level should I begin with?

A basic knowledge of the gym and lifting techniques is recommended but the Olympic lifting styles in this program can be scaled. We would suggest you start at beginner level if you’ve not trained in this way before, watching the videos and reading the descriptions that Charlotte has provided to help ensure you are performing the exercises correctly. As with all of our programs we recommend you have sign off from a doctor that you are fit to workout before starting this program.

What style of workouts are included in Charlotte’s program?

Charlotte’s programs consist of both upper and lower strength days as well as Metcon days. As part of completing Charlotte’s programs you should expect: 

  • Strength focused exercises
  • Olympic lifts 
  • Supersets
  • EMOM 
  • MetCon
  • Core finishers
What will I achieve by training with Charlotte?

An appreciation for your body and how it can move.  Better physical fitness, stamina and strength. You’ll also learn new skills that will serve you in and outside the gym and be tested and taken to physical and mental levels you didn’t even know you were capable of.

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