The EvolveYou Coaching Hub

Here is everything you need to know about the EvolveYou Coaching Hub

What is the EvolveYou Coaching hub?

Redefine the way you achieve your fitness and wellness goals with our Coaching Hub which gives you access to a library of over 100 meticulously created videos and articles to support your fitness journey. 

Each piece of content is designed to amplify your fitness journey, providing the knowledge and inspiration you need to smash your goals. Inspired and created by EvolveYou’s world-class trainers and expert fitness team.

Do I need to pay extra to access this content?
The Coaching Hub is available for all EvolveYou subscribers and is included in your subscription. 
Where can I access this content?

Ensure your app is updated to version 7.1.14 or higher, you'll then be able to access the Content Hub through the Learn tab.

Can I access this content on my desktop?
As with all of our EvolveYou content the Coaching Hub is available through the App only and can’t be accessed through our website. It can only be accessed when logged into the EvolveYou app with an active subscription.
Do I need to be logged in to the EvolveYou app to get access to the Coaching Hub?
To view the content within the Coaching Hub login to your app and head to the Learn tab.
Can I get access to the Coaching Hub and not have an EvolveYou subscription?
The EvolveYou Coaching Hub can only be accessed by logging into the EvolveYou app. You will need to have an active EvolveYou subscription. 
Can the Coaching Hub be viewed in offline mode?
To view all of the content in the Coaching Hub you’ll need to have access to either wifi or your cellular data. You won’t be able to download or view content from the Coaching Hub in an offline mode.
What happened to EvolveYou Plus?

EvolveYou Plus was launched in December 2023 with the aim to provide a new fitness experience to our community members by offering a new premium level of membership and enable these community members to see sneak peaks, early access and access to our coaching hub.

Community is at the heart of what we do and the team at EvolveYou have taken time to evaluate the feedback we have received from our community overall from the last number of months. We have therefore made the decision to make available the coaching hub to all of our EvolveYou community members.

If you previously purchased an EvolveYou Plus and have any questions about your subscription please reach out to our team directly here via our live chat or by submitting a request form.

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