Meg: Sculpted Strength

Who is Meg Branch? 

Meg Branch is a qualified PT who joins the app as our newest trainer to collaborate with EvolveYou. With a background in strength training she is now taking on the personal journey to compete in a bikini body competition this Spring '24. Meg brings structure, experience and a new style of 'bodybuilding' to the app, incorporating everything she has learnt to educate you along the way. Step out of your comfort zone, try something new and reach your full potential in the bodybuilding space. 


What is Meg’s training style?
Meg’s training style is rooted in the fundamentals of bodybuilding and she focuses on building strength and muscle through a disciplined approach to progressive overload and compound movements. Throughout her program Meg emphasises the importance of good technique and form and her unique 2 set approach aims to optimise each exercise for maximum efficiency, safety and muscle growth.

What can be expected from Meg’s program?
Over the next 10 weeks Meg will take you through 4 to 5, 1 hour strength sessions each with their own unique split, aimed  to sculpt and strengthen your muscles. Expect to train each muscle intricately with a focus on shoulders and glutes to create that classic hourglass figure.

What is the difficulty of Meg’s program.
This program has been created for Intermediate to Advanced levels and requires you to have a knowledge of fundamental movements patterns in a gym setting.

What equipment will feature in her program?
With a focus on cables, Meg’s signature style includes a range of gym equipment to ensure you’re able to add on weight and focus on particular muscles with intention and intensity. Expect to use the cable machine frequently, plus your workouts will regularly include the leg press, smith machine, seated hamstring curl, treadmill, hyperextension, plus dumbbells and a barbell. 


What will I achieve from completing Meg’s program?
Meg's program helps you train with precision as you sculpt and define your physique paying attention to each and every muscle. Get stronger, gain lean muscle and understand what you're truly capable of.

What is a collaboration trainer?

Collaborations have been introduced to EvolveYou to create a growing variation of training styles within the EvolveYou App. Collaboration trainers have been built to be within the EvolveYou app for a year. 

This concept has been designed for our community to see change within the app on a regular basis without the EvolveYou app being overwhelmed with too much content which the community has fed back to us over time that this can be overwhelming to our community on what program to go to.  

Meg is our first collaboration and we are very proud to present her training style to the EvolveYou community. 


What is the difference between an EvolveYou collaboration trainer versus the EvolveYou trainers?

Our EvolveYou longer term trainers will be working with EvolveYou to create multiple programs whilst our EvolveYou collaboration trainers will collaborate with EvolveYou on one program.


How long will a collaboration program be available on the EvolveYou app?

Collaboration programs will be available in the app for 1 year from their launch date of the collaboration 


Will I earn stars by completing this program? 

Yes, by choosing Meg’s program you’ll still be able to earn your program stars and your streaks to be added to your achievements section of your EvolveYou app. 

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