Maddy's Abs Evolution On Demands

Here is everything your need to know about Maddy's new Abs Evolution on demand workouts...

How does this challenge work?

Maddie’s Abs Evolution is a 2 week challenge available via our on demands, this can be added as a challenge or as a standalone workout. 

Who are these challenges for?

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Maddie's Abs Evolution challenge is for you! Varying between 5-12 minutes this is the perfect add on challenge at the end of your workout.

Will I get stars as part of this challenge?

The aim of the challenge is to push yourself and add the workouts onto your program as the ultimate finisher! Stars can be earned through your program workouts.

Can I do this challenge as part of my program?

Looking to push yourself a little further at the end of your program workout you can add these challenges to your weekly planner.

Will I earn a badge for completing this challenge?

This challenge won’t enable you to earn badges on this occasion

What equipment will I need to have to complete?

The workouts can be done with minimal equipment - all that’s needed are dumbbells and a mat!

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