Krissy: Redefined

Everything you need to know about Redefined with Krissy

Who is this program for?

For anyone who is serious about their results, this dynamic program combines the ultimate combination of strength, power and bodybuilding moves to take your training, results and resilience to the next level. Programmed for intermediate to advanced community members, you can expect a solid structure where you’ll move through signature compound moves fused with power, supersets and unilateral exercises to develop your athleticism and redefine your limits.

What is the Redefined program?
The Redefined program is a 12 week program that represents everything that Krissy has learnt, tested and built in her fitness career. It represents her knowledge, power and longevity as a leader within the fitness industry. Train as Krissy does as she introduces a different training block every 2 weeks, with each week building upon the other. Develop your foundation first, as you then move onto hypertrophy, strength, and power before finally fusing everything together to give your body and mind the ultimate challenge.
Why should I join this program?
Throughout this program you’ll not only develop your strength but you’ll also enhance your athleticism as Krissy has programmed in mainly free weights combined with lots of unilateral exercises to strengthen your core as well as your stabilising muscles. Expect spicy supersets to boost your muscular fitness as well as core and EMOM finishers to push you to your limits.
How do I know this is the right program for me?

If you’ve been training for 2 years and consider yourself intermediate and advanced then the phased nature of this program provides the perfect challenge to stimulate muscular and mental change! Develop athleticism, boost coordination and strengthen your core in a program that keeps things interesting. Redefined is for those who want to feel, look and perform at their best in and outside the gym!

What will I gain from this program?

Based on the principles of strength and conditioning, you can expect to boost your power, strength and performance as well as gain mental and physical resilience. Expect to be challenged as this program contains spicy supersets, sweaty EMOMS as well as exercises that are taken to failure to push your boundaries and redefine what you thought was possible.

What does this program look like?
A 12 week program, containing 2 deloads, one at week 6 and one at week 12, this program is created with a layered approach where every 2 weeks builds upon the weeks before, so that you are continually challenged and evolving. Based on effective compound moves  along with power, core, and unilateral exercises, you’ll start by focusing on your Foundation, before moving onto Hypertrophy, Strength and Power phases, finishing with a Fused phase. Expect the workouts to intensify as you move through each phase as Krissy applies progressive overload through the use of complexity of exercise, reps, sets as well as frequency.
How is this program different from Krissy’s Strong or Strong Lower Body? 

The layered and phased approach makes this program distinctly different from Krissy’s other Strong programs. Redefined combines the ultimate fusion of power, bodybuilding as well as effective new exercises that Krissy has learnt along her fitness journey to really enable you to level up your training, performance and mindset. 

What is the workout split?

Weeks 1-5 are Upper, Lower and Full Body, Week 6 is deload then weeks 7-11 are Upper A, Lower A, Upper B, Lower B with week 12 being a deload. There is more frequency after week 6 as frequency is a form of progressive overload.

How long is Redefined?

1- 1.5 hours. You can expect the workouts to get longer as you move through the program as there are more sets. If you’ve completely run out of time and need to be somewhere the burners can be left.

What equipment do I need?

Standard gym equipment like: leg press, leg extension, cables, landmine, kettlebells, trap bar but mostly dumbbell and barbells

Can this be completed at home?

This is a gym program and for best results it should be completed in the gym.

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