Maddie: Build Home

Everything you need to know about Build Home with Maddie

Who is this program for?

For those who love Maddie’s Build, we’re bringing it home! If you’re looking to build lean muscle, total body strength as well as develop sustainable habits that last (all from the comfort of your home), then this program is for you!

What is the Build Home program?

Maddie’s Build Home program is a science backed, full body split. Based on effective compound moves you’ll move through sweaty supersets, strength circuits and core finishers to keep the intensity high as you maximise your potential and unleash your strength gains. 

Why should you join this program? 

Looking to refresh your home fitness journey? Love Maddie’s training style? Then this program is for you. With Build Home, not only will you develop your strength and lean muscle, but Maddie has carefully designed it to ensure you boost your athletic performance as you move, feel and look better in your everyday life. 

How do I know this is the right program for me? What will I gain from this program?

If you prefer to work out from home, are time poor and want to be pushed, then Maddie’s Build: Home program is definitely the one for you. Expect to be challenged as Maddie will put you through your paces will her signature style. Move through sweaty supersets to improve your muscular fitness, work on classic compound moves to build total body strength and crunch your way through core burners that help you perform better as you develop lean muscle. 

What does this program look like?

Want to try out Build Home? Check out the below to see which level will be the right fit for you.


8 Weeks

3 + 1 optional x a week

Split between: 

  • Lower Body
  • Upper Body
  • Full Body Build
  • Optional (Abs & HIIT) 


8 Weeks 

4 x a week

Split between:

  • Lower Body
  • Full Body
  • Upper Body & Abs
  • Full Body/ full body & HIIT dependent on the week 


10 Weeks 

5 x a week

Split: Full Body, Lower Body & Abs, Upper Body & HIIT, Full Body, Lower Body

How long are the workouts?

45 min -1 hour 

What equipment do I need?

Want to know what equipment to have ready to workout with? Check out the below of what you might need to get the best results from Build Home: 

  • Resistance bands
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Bench /  a stable surface
  • Box / Step 
  • Exercise mat
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