EvolveYou trainer Melissa

Why is Melissa leaving the EvolveYou app?

After a number of exciting program launches, events and helping a number of our community members on their fitness journey we will be saying goodbye to Melissa from the EvolveYou app. Melissa will be taking a new direction in her fitness journey and we’re really excited to see what comes next for Melissa. 


What will happen to Melissa’s programs?

You’ll still be able to complete Melissa’s Commit programs in the app. Don’t worry we’ll let you know in good notice of any changes made to the availability of Melissa’s programs and workouts.


We will then wrap up access to Melissa’s programs for any community members that are still on Melissa’s programs. We'll let you know the best recommendations on which program to move onto. We’ll also be adding a leaving soon tab to the programs linked to Melissa. 


When can I use Melissa’s programs until?

Melissa’s programs will still be available with EvolveYou but we’ll let you know when they’ll be leaving in the future. 


We’ll add a button on Melissa’s programs letting you know they are leaving soon when program’s time is near their end.


Is EvolveYou changing to become solely a weight training app?

EvolveYou has been designed to help you build consistency, confidence & strength every step of the way. We have a wide variety of workout styles to choose from to help you achieve your goals including: 

  • Mobility
  • Barre
  • Pre and Postnatal training 
  • HIIT 
  • Strength training
  • As well as Cardio available from some of our other trainers including Krissy

I joined because of Melissa. Who is the best trainer to work with next?

You might have joined because of Melissa however EvolveYou have a wide range of trainers to choose from to expand your fitness journey with! 


Want to know more about some of our other trainers click here to learn more 



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