Level Up challenge

What is Level Up?

Level Up is a fitness consistency challenge that will help you to become consistent in your fitness journey 

Want to know what you’ll get out of the challenge?

  • You'll feel it in 2 weeks (positive impact from exercise)
  • You'll see it in 4 weeks  (visual impact from exercise)
  • You'll hear it in 8 weeks (positive feedback from friends) 

So what are you waiting for?!

How do I sign up to the challenge?

By completing any workout  you’ll be auto enrolling into the challenge so there are no steps needed to sign up to begin the Level Up challenge. All you’ll need to do is work out!


How do I earn my badge?

From the 15th Jan you’ll be able to earn points towards your Level Up 2024 badge, complete any workout in the EvolveYou app and you’ll be a step closer to earning your badge- it’s that easy!


What workouts do I need to complete to earn towards my badge?

Head to any of our workouts located in the EvolveYou app by any of our trainers to earn towards your Level Up 2024 badge. The workouts don’t only need to be the workouts linked to your program. This is a great way to see what other workouts are available in the app so why not use this chance to try something new!


When can I take part in the challenge until?

You can earn the badge until 10th March in the app so now’s your chance to get earning! 


Will my badge remain in the app after the challenge has ended?

As long as you complete all 24 workouts your badge will remain in your app. 


If the badge is uncompleted or has not started this won’t remain in the app.


Can I use the workouts I have already completed this month?

You’ll be able to count the workouts that have been completed between 15th Jan and 10th March that will give you 8 weeks to complete 24 weeks to earn your badge!


Can I restart the Level Up challenge?

You won’t need to restart your Level Up challenge, as the only focus for you will be to complete 24 workouts 


What time will the challenge begin?

The Level Up challenge will launch on the 15th Jan you’ll receive this in the morning when you begin your workout. 


I can’t see the challenge?

Can’t see the challenge? Head to your App Store to update to the latest version. 

Still having trouble? Drop us a message with a screenshot of the issue so we can look into this further.

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