Pump: Total Body

Intensity is the goal of Makayla's new program, aimed to get you strong, sweaty and of course, pumped.

What can I expect from Pump: Total Body?

Rooted in the principles of strength & conditioning this high-intensity program is full of sweaty strength-based supersets and effective functional, full body movements to help you move better, look better and perform better with shorter gym sessions. Whilst sticking with the compound movements you know and love, Makayla’s new program focuses on building your core strength, improving your range of motion and boosting your muscular fitness, whilst aiming to refresh your love of training in a fun and effective way.

Why should you join this program?

Looking to switch things up and bored of your usual lifting routine?  Makayla has programmed Pump: Total Body, with the aim to challenge your body and mind in a completely different way from what you're used to. Get ready to dig deep and push the boundaries of what you thought you were capable of. 

What will the program look like? 

Pump: Total Body is a fun and  functional program with more of a full body focus, designed to enhance your core strength, posture and overall performance. 

Including all the compound movements you know and love, alongside some high intensity supersets, burners and core circuits, Pump: Total Body will help to improve your range of motion and enhance your stability whilst also shaping your overall aesthetic.

How long are the workouts? 

The workouts in Pump: Total Body are slightly shorter than those in Makayla’s Pump program with each workout taking approximately 45-60 mins to complete. 

What levels are available?

Pump: Total Body is available from Beginner through to Advanced, however it is recommended that anyone starting at the beginner level has a base level of strength and fitness. 

Pump: Total Body includes a range of deficit movements not suitable for complete beginners so if you are new to training we’d first recommend completing Back To Action, or the beginner level of Pump or Strong first.

How long is Pump: Total Body?

Pump is 26 weeks in total from beginner to advanced.

Beginner: 6 weeks - 3 workouts per week

Intermediate: 8 weeks - 3 or 4 workouts per week 

Advanced: 12 weeks - 3 or 5 workouts per week

 What is the workout split?

We've included a little taster of what to expect in each level below...


Full body, Full body, Full body

Lower Body, Upper Body, Fully Body


Lower Body, Full Body, Upper Body, Fully Body

Posterior Chain, Anterior Chain, Full Body, Full Body


Lower Body, Full Body, Upper Body, Fully Body, Cardio & Abs

Posterior Chain, Anterior Chain, Full Body, Cardio & Functional Core, Full Body

What are anterior and posterior chains? 

“Anterior" and "Posterior" chains refer to specific groupings of muscles on the front and back of the body. Here are clear definitions for both:

Anterior Chain: Refers to the muscles located on the front side of the body.

Main muscles included are the quadriceps (front of thighs), hip flexors, abdominals, and the muscles of the chest and front of the shoulders - Think of these as 'pushing muscles'.

Exercises that engage the anterior chain often include squats (more quad-dominant varieties), chest presses, and leg raises.

Posterior Chain: Refers to the muscles located on the back side of the body.

Main muscles included are the hamstrings (back of thighs), glutes, erector spinae (muscles alongside the spine), rhomboids, lats, and the muscles of the back of the shoulders and upper back - Think of these as 'pulling muscles'

Exercises that engage the posterior chain include deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, and glute bridges.

Both chains are essential for balanced muscular development, functional strength, and injury prevention.

What equipment do I need?

The Pump workouts require a variety of different exercise machines and equipment (including dumbbells, a barbell, cable machine and leg press), and can be completed in any average gym. 

Can I complete the program at home?

This program has been designed as a gym program and whilst exercises can be modified for at home alternatives, it’s recommended that the program is completed in the gym for optimal results.

How is Pump: Total Body different from Pump?

Makayla has created Pump: Total Body for those who want to switch up their current training routine and refresh their love of training. 

Whilst both programs are rooted in the principles of strength & conditioning, Pump: Total Body differs in that it is a full body program which offers an alternative to conventional bodybuilding.  

In Pump: Total Body there is more variety in terms of the exercises used, supersets, plus Makayla uses a lot more functional full body body movements like kettlebell swings, box jumps and renegade rows to help improve performance, power and strength. 

Intense, fun and functional, you can expect to feel the burn as you move through effective strength supersets, full body movements and a lot of core work to enhance your strength, improve range of motion and of course get that full body pump.  

The overall aim of Pump: Total Body is to gain core and full body strength, refresh your love for training and have some fun in a shorter space of time.

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