Krissy: Back To Action

If you’ve been out of action from the gym and are looking to get back on track and stay consistent with your training, then it’s time to get excited. Back to Action has been revamped and improved to let nothing get in the way of you and your goals.

What is Back to Action?

Back to Action is an 8 week program that has been designed to help you kick start your fitness journey as you build back your strength and improve your consistency and habits.

Why Should You Join this Program?

If you’ve been struggling to stay consistent, are returning from an injury or have been out of action from the gym, then this is the perfect program to help ease you back in, without going easy on your results.

What will the program look like?

Back to Action is an 8 week program that features 3 workouts a week plus 1 optional workout. Each week you’ll move through 1 lower, 1 upper and 1 full body workout, plus an additional abs & cardio day to help you rebuild your strength and bring back your fitness.

How has Back to Action changed?

Using all your favourite compound exercises, combined with progressive overload, Krissy has revamped the structure in order to make the workouts more accessible and attainable so that you can stick with the process and get the results you deserve. 

The first week aims to ease you back in, so that you’re able to build back your confidence and get familiar with movement patterns. Week by week progressive overload will be applied from slightly more complex exercises, (think goblet squat to barbell squat) to dropping the reps a little, encouraging you to lift that bit more.  

The new format has been carefully constructed to have a realistic and achievable split. Instead of expecting you to hit 4-5 workouts a week, Krissy has created 3 effective weekly workouts, plus 1 additional workout to ensure you stay consistent and build those better habits.

How do I access the new program?

If you’re switching programs you will automatically be assigned to the new and improved Back to Action program.

If you’re already following this program and want to update, reselect this program by clicking ‘change program’ on your dashboard this will automatically be the revamped version.

Once you have updated to the new version of the Back to Action program you will not be able to switch back to the previous version of this program.

Which levels are available?

Back to Action is open level and has been carefully created for those who have been inconsistent and out of action for a while. 

The 8 weeks have been designed to help you build back your strength, confidence and consistency as you progress on your health and fitness journey.

As this program is open level you can adjust the difficulty level by increasing or decreasing reps and sets, switching out exercises for more/less complex variations. For example you can swap dumbbells for a barbell in week 1 or you can continue using dumbbells for the full duration of the program. Listen to your body and find what works best for you.

How long are the workouts?

Each workout takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete.

What is the workout split / structure of this program?

This program is 8 weeks in total with 3 workouts per week plus an optional Abs & Cardio day. Each week includes a Lower, Upper and Full Body workout.

What equipment do I need?

The main pieces of equipment you will need are dumbbells, a bench and a barbell. 

There are also some workouts which require the use of machines such as a cable machine, leg press and treadmill. These can be swapped for alternatives or the exercises can be adapted if needed.

Can I complete this program at home?
Back to Action has been designed as a gym program, however with some small modifications this can be completed at home.
Which program should I do after completing back to action?

After completing Back to Action we’d recommend a deload week before moving on to Strong or Build. 

Alternatively you can check out this blog post to find out more information about our other programs, or browse the workouts tab in-app to view all of the other workouts and challenges we have available.

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