Restore - Postnatal program

New mama we’re putting the focus back on you as this program aims to restore your energy and rebuild your strength with a mixture of light barre, kegel and core workouts.

What can I expect from this program?

Once given the all clear by your doctor, you’ll be taken through three 20 minute workouts a week by Emily,  with the aim of gently introducing you back to movement, helping to energise, rejuvenate and empower you to feel great and move well. 

Throughout the 6 weeks you can expect to focus on your core and pelvic floor muscles, as well as very light strength exercises as you gradually build up intensity, whilst respecting the pace your body needs.

How long is this program? Are there different difficulty levels?

This program is an open level program which is 6 weeks long. It is designed to gradually introduce you back into exercise after pregnancy,  following clearance from your medical provider.

What do the workouts look like? How long does each workout take?

Restore is in an on demand video format, with each class taking 20 minutes to complete.

What equipment do I need?

You will need light weights, a mat, resistance band, pilates ball and a chair. If you do not have a pilates ball this can be swapped out for a cushion or rolled up towel.

How do I view alternative exercises?

Due to the way that this program has been built out this guide doesn’t offer swipeable alternatives, however whilst working out Emily will be talking you through all exercises and giving alternatives where needed.

I’m struggling with these workouts, what can I do?

This is your body, your journey, so tune into it and make adjustments where needed. This may involve taking exercises more slowly, pausing, using a chair for added support and reducing weights, reps or sets where needed.

My baby arrived via C-Section, are these workouts suitable?

Our postnatal program Restore is c-section safe but you must have the sign off from your doctor first.

It’s also safe for diastasis recti (ab separation) and helps heal and strengthen the pelvic floor and deep core.

After completing Restore, which program should I do next?

You can repeat the Restore program again until you feel ready to move onto another program. If you do choose to repeat the program you can try to challenge yourself a little more each time once you feel ready.

If you are looking to return to the gym after completing Restore, check out our programs in the app suitable for the gym. Otherwise why not try Emily’s barre program Energy which can be completed at home with minimal equipment. 

As always, take things at your own pace and keep listening to your body and how you feel. You may need more frequent rest periods and a lower weight, do what feels right for you and enjoy this next phase of your journey.

Can I download this program to complete offline?

Emily’s program videos are available to stream only due to the data required that would be needed to download the workout.

I can’t find this program in my app, what do I do?
In order to view and assign the Align program please ensure your app is updated to the latest version.
My question hasn’t been answered

For any specific questions related to your individual postnatal journey we would always advise consulting with your medical provider.

If you have any other general fitness/exercise questions about your prenatal journey please reach out to our team via our online form and a qualified member of our team will respond as soon as possible.

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