Ultimate Lifting Straps

Lift your expectations and get a firm grip on your fitness goals by using the Ultimate Lifting Straps. Perfectly designed to enhance your heavy lifts or to help you get your last rep in, when you need it most! 

What are the benefits of using lifting straps?
  • Improved Grip Strength: Lifting heavy weights, particularly in exercises like the deadlift, can challenge your grip strength. If your grip gives out before the target muscle group, it can limit the effectiveness of your workout. Lifting straps can help you hold onto the weight longer, ensuring that your targeted muscles are fully fatigued.
  • Focus on Target Muscles: When performing exercises like rows or pull-ups, lifting straps can help you better isolate the target muscle groups (like your back muscles) by reducing the effort required from your forearms and hands. This can improve the quality of your workout for those specific muscles.
  • Heavy Lifting: When you're lifting very heavy weights, for example in a one-rep max deadlift, your grip may not be able to keep up, even if the rest of your body is ready for the challenge. Straps can ensure your grip doesn't limit your performance.
  • Overcoming Imbalances: If you have an imbalance or an injury in your grip strength, straps can help you continue to train symmetrically while you work to overcome the imbalance or recover.
  • Training Volume: Straps can help you increase your training volume (the total amount of weight you lift in a session) by reducing the strain on your grip. This can be particularly useful for high-repetition training.
How do I use lifting straps?
  1. Put your hand through the loop.
  2. Hold onto your weight (like a barbell) with one hand. With the other hand, wrap the hanging part of the strap under and then over the bar. It should end up going over your hand.
  3. Keep twisting and wrapping the strap around the bar until it feels secure. You might have to twist your wrist a bit to get it tight.
  4. If you're using both hands for the exercise, do the exact same thing with the other strap and your other hand.
  5. Now that you're all set, go ahead and lift your weight like you normally would.
What exercises should I use lifting straps for?
Lifting straps can be used in a variety of exercises, particularly those that require a strong grip or are designed to target large muscle groups where grip strength may limit your ability to fully fatigue the target muscles. Here are a few exercises where lifting straps can come in handy:
Exercise Benefits
Deadlifts As one of the most grip-intensive exercises, deadlifts are a common movement where you might find lifting straps beneficial. This is particularly true if you're lifting heavy weights or performing high volume sets.
Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups These exercises can be challenging for your grip, especially when performing multiple sets. Lifting straps can help you maintain your hold on the bar, allowing you to do more reps or sets.
Barbell Rows These are great for developing your back muscles, but your grip can often tire before your back does. Straps can help you pull more weight for more reps, ensuring you fully fatigue your back muscles.
Shrugs Shrugs target the traps, muscles that can handle a lot of weight. Using straps can help you hold on to heavier dumbbells or a barbell to fully stimulate these robust muscles.
Romanian Deadlifts This variation of the deadlift emphasises the hamstrings and glutes, and using straps can ensure your grip doesn't give out before your legs do.
Farmer's Walks

This is a total body exercise that is highly grip-intensive. Straps can help you maintain your hold, especially during longer walks or when using heavier weights.

Should I always be using lifting straps?
While lifting straps can be beneficial, they should not be used as a crutch. Grip strength is an important aspect of overall strength and should be trained accordingly. Furthermore, the use of straps should be purposeful and should complement your training, not detract from it.

Aim to use them when you want to get that last rep or reps in, or when you want to challenge yourself with a particularly heavy weight. 
What colour will the Ultimate Lifting Straps be available in?
Currently we’re only selling black but this may change over time if demand is high!
When will my order come?
Expect delivery early September to your door.
Will I receive an email/notification once my order has been shipped?
Once your items have been dispatched you will receive an email notifying you of this.
What is the refund policy? If I want to cancel before my item is sent will I receive a refund?
If you change your mind and would like to cancel your order prior to the items being shipped please reach out to our team through our contact page so we can assist.

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