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Who is Maddie?

Meet our newest strength trainer Maddie, a former competitive swimmer who knows what it takes to help you push your limits, achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

Her own fitness journey hasn't been linear. Having experienced periods of restriction, under-eating, overdoing cardio, and having a lot of exercise and food guilt, Maddie took the time to build long-lasting and sustainable habits and reaped the benefits.

With her guidance and expertise you'll learn how to make fitness part of your daily routine, so you can stay on track and build consistency long after the program ends.

What qualifications does Maddie have?

Maddie is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

What style of workouts are in Maddie's program?

Maddie’s training style is based on bodybuilding with a touch of explosive, athletic and HIIT and her program, (aptly named Build), is designed to help you transform your physique and build strength, muscle and confidence.

What can I expect from Maddie's Build program?
A solid and staple gym program for anyone serious about their results, Build has been carefully created using the key principles of strength and conditioning. Using mainly free weights, combined  with effective compound movements, you can expect to increase lean muscle,  whilst enhancing strength, stability and coordination. Over the course of your program you'll follow a science-backed full-body split, built on the foundations of bodybuilding moves. In true Maddie style, you'll also focus on core, cardio, HIIT & LISS days or finishers, aimed at maximising your performance and elevating your results.
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How is Maddie's style of training different to the other trainers in the app?

Maddie has programmed a lot of free weights in her Build program compared to other gym programs such as Strong. Maddie began her training like this and believes it's essential to start mastering the bodyweight basics from the get-go; as a beginner you’re challenged right from the start.

Although based on Bodybuilding, Build also contains some explosive & HIIT elements as well as an extra Abs & Cardio day in the Beginner & Intermediate levels.

Ultimately, every trainer has exercises that they prefer and whilst the fundamental movement patterns will always be threaded through Squat, deadlift, push, pull) etc, each of our trainers has their favourite variation and training styles which will be reflected in their programs.

How difficult are Maddies's workout programs?

Maddie's Build program is designed for beginners all the way through to advanced.

Will Maddie have challenges?

Stay tuned as we have some exciting things coming up! In the meantime why not check out some of Maddie’s additional workouts such as Dumbbell Only Glutes, Cable Only Back and Bicep and 20 Minute Sweaty Cardio. These can be found in the explore section.

Can I mix the trainer’s programs together?
As with all of our existing trainer’s you will need to choose your main trainer to complete your program with and then you can add on any other workouts you wish to complete by heading to the explore section of the app. You will also continue to receive stars as normal when completing any workouts as part of your assigned program.

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