MentionMe FAQs

We’ve taken all of our community's feedback on board and now here is something for you! Our MentionMe referral scheme allows you to get your hands on EvolveYou discounts especially for you.

What reward will I receive for referring a friend?
Head to your profile settings or the workout tab and click on ‘refer a friend’ to see the latest offer.
Will my friend receive a discount for being referred?
A referred friend will receive the advertised discount off a yearly subscription when they purchase their first yearly subscription via the website.
Where can I find a referral link to send to everyone?
Click on ‘refer a friend’ to get your own unique link to send once you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions.
Can I get more than one gift per month?
Yes, you can refer up to 25 friends in the year!
I didn’t get my coupon code, what should I do?
Please check your spam inbox and speak to the person you referred to double check they’ve signed up successfully and have used your link or name.
How do I know if someone subscribed using my code?
You will be notified by email once a referred friend has finished their free trial and purchased a subscription, this is when the reward has been earned.
How long do I have to wait for my reward?
You will receive an email with a code to claim your reward 48 hours after the paid subscription has been activated.
I didn’t get my reward…
If you haven’t received your email after 48 hours, please drop our team a message.
How long is my reward valid?
Rewards will be valid for 12 months from the date earned, subject to stock availability.
Is there a maximum number of gifts I can receive?
You can refer up to 25 friends within the year, receiving up to 25 gifts.
Will I get tracking information?
Tracking information will vary based on your location, you may receive some courier notifications.
My reward appears lost, what should I do?
If it’s been more than 10 working days since your order, contact us through the website so we can look into this for you.
How can I share my referral link with people?
You can share it via email, facebook, message and using your link.
What if there are people with the same name as me?

Don’t worry if someone has the same name as you! Our system will recognise there are people with similar names and will ask your referee for further details such as your email address.

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