About our trainer Makayla

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Who is Makayla?

Born and raised in Canada, Makayla is our newest strength training expert with a passion for helping women become strong both inside and outside of the gym.

Makayla believes we should never take movement for granted, having been in an accident which threatened her ability to walk, she is passionate about encouraging women to find joy in moving their bodies.

What qualifications does Makayla have?

With a degree in Kinesiology, ‘the study of movement’, and a NASM personal training certification Makayla delivers expert programming on working out to get the results you want.

What style of workouts are in Makayla’s program?

Makayla’s energy is infectious and her style of training, which is focused on strength training and conditioning, is guaranteed to challenge you in order to get you the best results possible. Expect effective exercises paired with high intensity, high sets and the perfect rep range to build muscle, sass and confidence!

What can I expect from Makayla's Pump program?
Makayla has designed Pump to help you build strong and juicy glutes. Expect higher sets and heavy weights as you’ll work on the perfect upper and lower body split to not only grow your glutes, but become the strongest and most confident version of you.
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How is Makayla's style of training different to the other trainers in the app?

Each trainer’s programs are grounded in the principles of strength & conditioning, however each of them has their own preferred styles and training preferences which they have incorporated into their programs (think of a box of chocolates, at the core they are all chocolate, but they all have slightly different flavours).

Makayla believes in repetition and consistency, challenging you with heavier weights and higher sets right from the get-go as well as including mobility warm-ups after the standard warm up to help you get the most out of your workouts.

How difficult are Makayla's workout programs?

Makayla's Pump program is available from beginner through to advanced.

Will Makayla have challenges?

Stay tuned as we have some exciting things coming up! In the meantime why not check out some of Makayla's additional workouts such as Quad-Killa, Do It For The Recoil and Down To The Core. These can be found in the explore section in the app.

Can I mix the trainer’s programs together?
As with all of our existing trainer’s you will need to choose your main trainer to complete your program with and then you can add on any other workouts you wish to complete by heading to the explore section of the app. You will also continue to receive stars as normal when completing any workouts as part of your assigned program.
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