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We know how much you’ve been loving Makayla’s Pump program and so for those of you coming to the end of this program and wondering ‘What next?’ we’re pleased to bring you more weeks of your favourite workouts!

The Pump program will now be a total of 36 weeks across all levels. With 12 more weeks of advanced workouts.

Introducing additional weeks of the advanced level!

Based on community feedback we’ve now extended the advanced level of Makayla’s program, meaning you have 12 more weeks of Pump to build those gluten glutes! This is for any community members coming to the end of the Pump program or for anyone switching from another trainer who is looking for advanced workout options to continue working towards their fitness goals.

How do I access the new workouts in the advanced level?

If you’re switching programs to Pump advanced you will automatically be assigned the additional weeks.

If you’re already following this program and want to update, you’ll be prompted to select the 12 additional weeks at the bottom of your weekly planner. Alternatively, if you reselect this advanced program by clicking ‘change program’ on your dashboard this will automatically be the 24 week program.

Who is Makayla?

Makayla is a strength training expert with a passion for helping you grow strong and juicy glutes!

Born and raised in Canada, Makayla took a keen interest in movement after an injury nearly left her with the inability to walk! After making a full recovery, Makayla decided to study Kinesiology, ‘the study of movement’ to better understand how the body functions and performs.

Makayala’s energy is infectious and her style of training (although fun), is guaranteed to challenge you in order to get you the best results possible. Expect effective exercises paired with high intensity, high sets and the perfect rep range to build muscle, sass and confidence!

What is the Pump program?

Makayla has specifically designed this gym program to help you build strong and juicy glutes. Expect higher sets and heavy weights as you’ll work on the perfect upper and lower body split to not only grow your glutes, but become the strongest, sassiest and most confident version of you.

Why should you join this program?

One of the most important jobs the Glutes have is  supporting the alignment of your pelvis. Proper alignment of your pelvis is essential as it helps maintain your posture, prevents lower back pain, as well as decreases your chance of injury. Not only that, but the stronger your glutes are, the more powerful you’ll be. 

So if you’re looking to boost your performance, enhance your strength and build some delicious and juicy glutes, then this program is one you have to join!

What will the program look like?

Throughout each level you can expect a very selective choice of exercises which will be repeated often. This is because Makayla believes that consistency and repetition is one of the best ways that you achieve the best results. You’ll also enjoy an effective combination of compound exercises paired with high sets and low reps to ensure that nothing and no one gets in the way of you reaching your full potential! 

To make sure you progress in a balanced way, this program includes upper body days to strengthen, sculpt and define your whole body.

How long are the workouts?

Workouts are approximately 60 minutes from warm up through to cool down.

What levels are available?

The program is available in Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

How long is the Pump program?

Pump is 36 weeks in total from beginner to advanced.

  • Beginner: 4 weeks - 3 workouts per week with an optional 4th 
  • Intermediate: 8 weeks - 4 workouts per week with an optional 5th, Deload weeks 4 & 8
  • Advanced: 24 weeks - 5 x per workouts per week, Deload weeks 6, 12, 18 & 24
What is the workout split?

We've included a little taster of what to expect in each level below...

Level Workout Split

Day 1 - Glutes & Quads

Day 2 - Upper Body A

Day 3 - Glutes & Hamstrings

Day 4 (optional) - Upper Body B


Day 1 - Glutes & Quads

Day 2 - Upper Body A

Day 3 - Glutes & Hamstrings

Day 4  - Upper Body B

Day 5 (optional) - Full Body Pump


Day 1 - Full Body Mobility

Day 2 - Light Functional Lower Body

Day 3 - Core & Cardio

Day 4 - Light Functional Upper Body

Day 5 - Full Body Stretch & Mobility


Day 1 - Glutes & Quads

Day 2 - Upper Body A

Day 3 - Glutes & Hamstrings

Day 4  - Upper Body B

Day 5  - Full Body Pump


Day 1 - Full Body Mobility

Day 2 - Functional Lower Body

Day 3 - Core & Cardio

Day 4 - Functional Upper Body

Day 5 - Mobility, Stretch & Recovery

What equipment do I need?
The Pump workouts require a variety of different exercise machines and equipment (including the stairmaster), and can be completed in any average gym.
Can I complete the program at home?
Whilst exercises can be modified for at home alternatives, it’s recommended that the program is completed in the gym for optimal results.
What is my RPE?

You’ll be given a number from the RPE scale for each exercise. The RPE scale (rate of perceived exertion) is a personalised way of measuring the intensity of your lifts by tuning into your body. Your RPE is based on how hard you feel like your body is working, considering physical sensations such as increased heart rate, breathing rate, sweating, and muscle fatigue. 

1 | Very Light - Hardly any exertion, but more than sleeping/watching TV

2-4  | Light - Feels like you can maintain this level of exertion for hours. Easy to breathe and easy to hold a conversation. Good for mobility, recovery and form emphasis.

5-6| Moderate - A weight used for deload, speed work and hypertrophy. It’s a weight you can move quickly, withhold a short conversation, leaving you with 4-5 reps left in the tank.

7| Moderately Hard - Moderately challenging here, hard to have a conversation. 3 reps left in the tank. 

8| Hard - Uncomfortable, very short of breath, hard to hold a conversation. 2 reps left in the tank.

9| Vigorously Hard - Very uncomfortable, you can only speak a few words. There’s 1 rep left in the tank, but you’ll have to grind and push hard to get it.

10| Max - This is your max effort, you’ll need all your energy to get this. Maintained for a very short amount of time. No reps left in the tank once you’ve finished.

It’s important that you take into account how you’re feeling as a whole, instead of focusing on one particular aspect. Remember your body isn’t a machine, it’s a beautiful complex system that is able to push harder on some days than others. So tune into your body and assess how hard you’re working using this RPE scale to help you scale back or push through your lifts.

How is Pump different from Krissy's Strong Lower Body program?

Both programs are fantastic for growing your glutes, but both are structured differently. Makayla's Pump program challenges you with heavier weights and higher sets right from the get-go, whereas Krissy’s helps you to build up that muscular endurance and fitness first, before heading into hypertrophy and strength. 

  • The reps in Pump are in the lower phase of hypertrophy and the sets are much higher. From the get go, you’re challenged with the weight you’re using, whereas with SLB, you start from a higher rep range of 12 to build your muscular endurance first.

  • Makayla believes in repetition and consistency. The workouts each week in the Pump program are very similar if not identical, where as SLB, the workouts differ. Each trainer’s programs are grounded in the principles of strength & conditioning, they just have different ‘flavours’ of what they believe work best (think of a box of chocolates, at the core they are all chocolate, but they all have slightly different flavours).

  • Both trainers structure their weeks slightly differently, Makayla includes an optional Full Body Pump. 

  • The formatting of each workout will be different, Krissy’s SLB upper body days generally contain more supersets, whereas Pump contains higher sets and hardly any supersets. Neither one is better or worse, it's just how each trainer likes to program and train. 

  • Each trainer has programmed in slightly different exercises. Whilst you have your ‘core’ compound exercises which are the best for building your glutes, (think hip thrust, RDL etc) the accessory exercises which support these exercises will be different, (as well as some compound exercises which are used more often). Again this is down to personal preference. 

  • Krissy’s SLB contains cardio burners like sprints to ensure you’re challenged to the max, whereas Makayla’s style to ensure you’re maximally challenged is to program exercises to failure. Krissy tends to have more ‘burner glute exercises’ at the end with high volume like clamshells etc.

  • Makayla includes a mobility warm-up after the standard warm up to help you get the most out out of your workouts and also includes more deloads throughout her program, again this isn’t better or worse, it’s just her signature style. 

All in all, strength and conditioning principles are strength and conditioning principles, and each trainer just has their own preferred styles and preferences within that which they have incorporated into their programs.

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