Krissy x Danyele: Power Strong

Krissy and Danyele have joined forces to create the ultimate performance program: Power Strong

What is the Power Strong program?

This program’s goal is to push you out of your comfort zone to help you develop the skills, strength and the confidence you need to evolve your performance and unleash your inner athlete.

The program will help you master your foundational moves such as squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts and chest press to ensure you have a solid base to build upon. You’ll then work to increase your strength, improve your cardiovascular endurance, as well as enhance your balance, coordination, strength and agility. You’ll do this through exploring different types of training such as Power Contrast Training which is a hybrid of strength and power movements!

How does this program differ from the existing Strong and Power programs?

Carefully created to improve your performance, Power Strong uses a unique blend of training styles to push you out of your comfort zone! It includes strength and power movements that involve pairing a heavy lift with a high-velocity exercise of the same movement pattern, such as an RDL combined with a kettlebell swing or a barbell squat and a box jump! This will allow you to become faster, stronger and more powerful.

There is also a strong focus on enhancing your core strength. This is because your core is your powerhouse - the stronger your core, the stronger you’ll be.

What levels are available in the program?
The program is available in Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.
How long is the program?

Beginner: 4 weeks consisting of 3 workouts per week

Intermediate: 8 weeks of 4 workouts per week

Advanced:  8 weeks consisting of 5 workouts per week

What is the structure of the program?

Power Strong is our very first fused program consisting of alternating workouts from Krissy & Danyele. Here’s what you can expect: 

Day 1 Danyele: Lower Body
Day 2 Krissy: Upper Body
Day 3 Danyele: Full Body
Average session: 45 Mins  

Day 1 Danyele: Lower Body
Day 2 Krissy: Upper Body
Day 3 Danyele: Glute Focus
Day 4 Krissy: Full Body
Average session: 60 Mins  

Day 1 Danyele: Lower Body Strength
Day 2 Krissy: Upper Body Pull
Day 3 Krissy: Glute Focus
Day 4 Danyele: Upper Body Push
Day 5 Danyele: Full Body
Average session: 60-90  Mins
Does this program include deload weeks?
Yes - all levels include a deload week. This allows your body to rest, recover and repair, so that you come back stronger mentally, physically and emotionally for the next part of your training program.
Can I do this program if I’m new to the gym?
Yes absolutely! If you’re new to the gym, you can start from the Beginner level and work your way up!
What equipment do I need?
This is a gym based program that involves equipment such as leg press, cable machine, lat pull down machine, a barbell and dumbbells.
Can I do this program at home?
Whilst exercises can be modified for at home alternatives, it’s recommended that the program is completed in the gym for optimal results.
What is a pyramid set?
Pyramid training is where the resistance (weight) increases and the number of repetitions decreases. Just like the shape of a pyramid, we start with a lighter weight and more repetitions, gradually increasing the resistance and decreasing the repetitions during the workout.
How do I know if this is the right program for me?
If you’re looking for your next challenge, want to improve your performance and are ready and willing to be pushed out of your comfort zone, then get ready because you’re going to love Power Strong and the results that it brings!
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